How Grief and Tragedy Lead Me to Blogging

I am still a newbie here at Chicago Now so I’ve decided to share some of the blog posts I’ve written from the original One Mo Thing in an attempt to help new readers understand who I am and what lead me to blogging. March 5th 2012 started much like most weekday mornings for me, I woke... Read more »

My advice to Arnold Schwarzenegger circa '93

Arnold I’m speaking to you from the future and I want you to listen to me carefully.  At some point this year your agent is going to approach you about a role in a film called Last Action Hero. This movie is not going to end your film career, which is unfortunate because for some... Read more »

Quest for a crown

On December 13th of this year I will be going to the United Center to see Beyoncé live for the 5th time in my life.  The Mrs. Carter Show has already been wowing people all over the world and I’m looking forward to really getting into it this time.  As I’m sure you know for a... Read more »