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Realizing the Magnitude of Tonight's Game

It feels like the Blackhawks have been through it all since Wirtz kicked the bucket in October 2007, yet they find themselves in unfamiliar territory tonight. It’s 60 minutes for all the marbles. Game seven. Just saying those two words brings on a feeling of intensity and relentlessness. In hockey especially, Game seven means a... Read more »

Blackhawks Blog: Staggering Numbers Behind the Canucks' Season

The Chicago Blackhawks find themselves in unfamiliar territory this Spring. For the first time since May of 2009, they are heavy underdogs in a playoff series. It’s the 1 vs. 8 matchup after all, and while nobody would consider our Hawks an unworthy playoff team, they fall behind their opponent in nearly every measurable category.... Read more »

Byfuglien, Niemi carry Hawks to huge win in Vancouver

The numbers 3/5 may have been cause for celebration on Wednesday, but at least in Chicagoland, 33 and 31 should be the main topics of conversation. Dustin Byfuglien played his most dominant game as a Hawk, Antti Niemi outplayed Roberto Luongo, and the Hawks beat the Canucks 5-2 to take a 2-1 series lead in... Read more »

Game 1 collapses becoming tiresome, but Hawks must rebound

After Saturday night, the Hawks have now fallen behind 1-0 in four consecutive playoff series’. The Game One they did win, vs. Calgary in the opening round last year, was also a poor effort for most of the night before Martin Havlat tied the game late and won it in overtime. Point is, this team... Read more »

Keys to the series: Blackhawks vs. Canucks

It’s officially game day! Everyone (myself included) has been discussing the Buff vs. Luongo storyline, but I think that has unfairly taken away from some other key factors heading into this series. What needs to happen for the Hawks to get past this very good Canucks team? Here’s my list: 1) Joel Quenneville must be... Read more »

Enjoy Byfuglien's ass, Roberto

Let’s head down memory lane for a minute to last Spring. The Blackhawks had disposed of Calgary in the first round of the playoffs, and moved on to face the Vancouver Canucks, a better and healthier team than the Flames. Taking the Hawks’ youth and inexperience into account, many fans were satisfied with the first... Read more »