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Realizing the Magnitude of Tonight's Game

It feels like the Blackhawks have been through it all since Wirtz kicked the bucket in October 2007, yet they find themselves in unfamiliar territory tonight. It’s 60 minutes for all the marbles. Game seven. Just saying those two words brings on a feeling of intensity and relentlessness. In hockey especially, Game seven means a... Read more »

With Comeback, These Blackhawks Prove They Are Here to Stay

For many, last night may have induced a little deja vu at the United Center.  The heart-stopping action, the unlikely hero, and the fifth home playoff overtime victory in the last three seasons brought the house down just the way it’s been done previously.  The scene was unimaginable as little as a week ago. How... Read more »

Blackhawks' recent lineup decisions are head-scratchers

With Wednesday night’s dreadful loss to the woeful New Jersey Devils, the Blackhawks slipped to below .500 counting overtime losses. Yes, that’s right, BELOW .500.  No one can deny any longer that this team has issues. There are key injuries, the schedule is weird, and new faces are still trying to make their presence felt.... Read more »