Hawks would draw Anaheim with a win today (Playoff seed scenarios)

The dust has settled in the Western Conference playoff race and the Hawks can solidify the seedings with a win this afternoon at the United Center. 

corey perry.jpg

A win on Sunday means the Hawks travel to Anaheim to face Hart Trophy candidate Corey Perry and the Ducks in the first round of the playoffs.

Unrealistic 24 hours ago, the stars have aligned for a Blackhawks-Ducks first round matchup. Anaheim, San Jose and St. Louis winning on Saturday led to some flip-flopping in the standings and here's the scenario we are left with:
-If the Blackhawks win today (regulation or OT irrelevant), they finish 5th and play Anaheim in the first round.
-If the Blackhawks lose in overtime or a shootout, they finish 7th and play San Jose in the first round.
-If the Hawks lose in regulation, they pray for help from Minnesota and, if they get it, finish 8th and travel to Vancouver for Game 1. 
The Hawks couldn't ask for a better opportunity. The Ducks are a team to be reckoned with, especially with Corey Perry skating like he's got problems at home, but a solid series out of Keith/Seabrook wins that matchup. They don't have the skill of Vancouver/San Jose or the mental edge Detroit has. It's as good of a matchup we could ask for. 
Hopefully, you'll have a reason to come back tonight to find a playoff schedule. 
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  • Hmm. Hawks will win and meet Anaheim, but you will be committing a mistake to judge them less than San Jose, Phoenix, LA or Vancouver. The Ducks are loaded with players of high ability like Perry, add Visnovsky, Koivu, Emery, and Getslaf. And Selanne, Lydman and a dormant Bobby Ryan. These guys are all headliners, of which Hawks don't match up stat-to-stat. The one huge advantage Hawks have is their heart and soul of a lion, something ANA has been switching on and off all season but lately turned on. This will be my favorite match-up of the season.

  • The Ducks are very good, but the Hawks average more goals per game, give up less per game, have a better 5-on-5 efficiency and are practically dead even on power play. To say the Hawks don't match up with them is crazy. It's a very good matchup.

  • Average first period, not enough hits for a team with no tomorrow.
    As for Ducks, they have played more games against playoff qualifiers and though I didn't scratch those numbers, logic is that they played a tougher schedule. Edge: Ducks

    Hawks, have a solid goalie, and that means better defense.

    What a great series that will be, much better than any other scenario.

    Best season of hockey I have seen.

  • Queneville missed it. Why didn't they just hit these guys into submission? Detroit would have backed off after a couple players start limping off, knowing the risk of losing players for the playoffs. So simple, but his focus was on head to head play, bad move Queneville. Now wait for someone to fall asleep on Dallas.

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