Patrick Kane: Caught drunk on camera again

Remember earlier this week when Pat Kane missed multiple practice with "flu-like symptoms"?

Turns out it was more the Brown Bottle Flu than anything else, as Deadspin broke a story moments ago that reveals pictures of Kane closing down Chicago bars on Sunday evening. 
Pat Kane Drunk.jpg

This photo...well...there's not a lot to say

I tend to stick up for Kane through instances like this, and there have been plenty. Reliable sources have told me the Vancouver taxi incident was overblown, so I stuck up for him there. I also didn't have an issue with the pictures that turned up of him hungover in a girl's bed this past summer. Who hasn't been there?
But this is a tad different, if true. Kane was apparently so drunk on Sunday evening that he was unable to skate for the following two days. Not exactly what the 11th place Blackhawks need. 
One thing that's peculiar is the Hawks giving Kane several IV bags on Wednesday prior to the Hawks' tilt with the Minnesota Wild. Maybe Kane really did have the flu, but even if he did, some credit has to be given to burning the candle at both ends. A professional athlete's body takes a toll as it is, and stumbling into bed 3 hours before you're supposed to be at the rink isn't ideal for the immune system.
There's also the possibility that these photos weren't from Sunday night. I'm hoping we'll receive some additional sources in the next few days to clear this up.
Regardless, I've heard all season from multiple sources that this is a growing problem for Patrick Kane. If the Blackhawks want to keep one of their best assets -- on the ice and from a marketing perspective-- out of trouble, they may want to do something about this one.
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  • That photo looks fishy to me.

  • That unfortunately looks like a real photo to me. The random white blocks are there to cover up other people, I'm guessing. Without having any additional info, that definitely looks like 88.

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