Tune in to The 300 Level Radio Show tonight

I know Blackhawks fans tend to complain about the lack of NHL and Hawks discussion on the local airwaves (and rightfully so), but there is an alternative solution. 

The internet now provides us with an opportunity to listen to more area-specific radio discussion, and that includes a show devoted to your Chicago Blackhawks. 
The 300 Level is a Blackhawks website that has been in existence for several years and centered mostly on a fan forum where Hawks fans from Chicago to Canada can discuss the team. 
Last season, the site's two top dogs Greg Stuy Stewart and Jim Chaplin started hosting a Blackhawks radio show as well. 
Tonight is another opportunity to listen to some second city puck talk. 
Click this link to listen to the show tonight at 9:30pm Central time. The show runs for 2 hours.
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