More off the ice fun for Patrick Kane?

Reminiscent of the limousine photos taken of Versteeg, Kane, and Madden this past year in Vancouver, we may have another Blackhawks photo conspiracy on our hands.

kane sleeping.jpg

Is this Patrick Kane?

Here's the story, provided by "My co-worker's friend hooked up with Patrick Kane last week... and took a picture to prove it. Apparently, he was only so-so in bed."

My response to this? Who cares.
As long as he isn't getting in more trouble with the law, let him have his fun.
Here's a newsflash: Professional athletes get action. Especially 21-year olds that score game winning goals to win the Stanley Cup Finals. Who can honestly say they'd be at home with Mom every night for two weeks afterward if they were in his shoes?
Now it should be interesting to find out if this photo is indeed real or not.
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  • I'm with you - who gives a crap! Unless he is a) arrested b) acting waaaaaay sloppy or c)visibly strung out on drugs, i really don't care how he celebrates!

  • her parents must be so proud that she had sex with a guy and took a picture to prove it. does it hurt Kane? nope. it only makes the girl look bad

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