Byfuglien, Sopel, Eager traded to Atlanta

Reports are flowing in that the Blackhawks have made a blockbuster trade with the Atlanta Thrashers. ESPN's Pierre Lebrun, one of the most reputable hockey writers in the business, confirms that the deal is done.

The trade is believed to include Dustin Byfuglien, Brent Sopel, and Ben Eager. The Hawks would likely get back draft picks and prospects.
Nothing is 100% confirmed yet, but there will be more coming in about this story soon.
UPDATE: The official deal, according to Bob McKenzie's Twitter, is Byfuglien, Sopel, Eager, and prospect Akim Aliu to Atlanta for the 24th overall, 54th overall, Marty Reasoner, and Jeremy Morin.
buff taunting fans.jpg
                                         We'll miss you, Buff..
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  • Nooooooo, how could you Chicago?! We love Big Buff! He was our guy during playoffs. I can't even believe it :(

  • I was looking this trade over and I don't think its bad deal. I'm a BIG Big Buff fan! He was one of my two defenseman (with Chris Chelios) when I picked my all-time dream Blackhawks team this year but the Hawks got great value for the year left on his contract.

    If you didn't know Byfuglien was going to be traded, you likely weren't following the Hawks very closely during the regular season. One of the reasons they HAD to win this year (besides being 49 years since they

  • In reply to silvercircle:

    Well said. Key line: "This deconstruction of the talent assembled on this team would have happened if they'd won or lost so THANK GOD THEY WON!"

    So true.

  • In reply to silvercircle:

    Thanks for the comments, especially silvercircle with the epic analysis!

    I agree with everything. Helen, don't get too down about Buff. We knew things like this were stings, but its part of the game and especially part of our current situation.

    Let me ask everyone this: Would you rather have seen Sharp get traded? I believe that it was between him and Buff and we now see what they decided.

  • In reply to silvercircle:

    Choosing between Sharp and Buff is a no-brainer. I think and certainly hope Sharp will still be a Hawk next season.

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