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My Facebook Detox, Part Two: What I Learned

Last week, I blogged that I would be taking a one-week break from Facebook. With the help of browser extensions, I would avoid signing into Facebook. (And for good measure, I threw in HootSuite and YouTube and focused primarily on Twitter.)  My rationale was whether I was becoming a little too dependent on the service, focusing... Read more »

My Facebook Detox, Part One

My Facebook Detox, Part One
You would think that as a social media consultant, I would live and breathe on Facebook…especially since my past nonprofit and social enterprise clients rely on it heavily. However, my personal engagement on Facebook is becominbut quite frankly, it’s becoming a problem for me. Much of it is personal – the emotional consequences of the... Read more »


To be honest, the past few weeks have been rough for me personally – family health issues have kept me busy, resulting in sudden changes in my schedule that have made it . At one point, I was fortunate enough to carve out some time to “sharpen the saw”, as it were, and keep up... Read more »

The "Leverage Social Media Advocacy" Job

This past week, I was lucky enough to participate in the Chicago Nerd Social Club’s Leverage 101 panel. Now, admittedly, as CNSC board member I might have been obligated to attend. As a nonprofit communications professional, I think the 2008 – 2012 series has a strong sense of social justice, beginning with its opening narration:... Read more »

Jeff We Can: Lessons in Mission-Driven Marketing

It’s one of the little white lies that many of us in the nonprofit/social venture field tell ourselves: if we only had more money/time/resources, we could market our missions more effectively. Mission-driven marketing is always a challenge in a media environment with multiple channels, various worthy causes, and ever-decreasing resources. (Chicago-area nonprofits and social ventures... Read more »

Coming Up: Social Media for NonProfits Chicago

  For many nonprofits, social enterprises, and other mission-driven organizaiton, social media is a key component of their marketing and communications strategy. Although Chicago has a great variety of resources and consultants available, there’s always a need to learn current up-to-date thinking about social media….and the Social Media for NonProfits Chicago session on October 29th is a... Read more »

Your Summer Social Entrepreneurship Reading List

(Note: complimentary electronic and hard copies of the following books were provided for review purposes. My opinions are my own.) Chicago-area social entrepreneurs, non-profits, and other social change agents are always seeking resources, information, and guidance in fulfilling their mission. Many books are often recommended as “starter” books, providing some insight. This week, we will... Read more »

Q & A With A Chicago Now Blogger: Extreme Parenting

One of the great advantages of being part of the Chicago Now blogging network is the opportunity to interact with a diverse range of unique individuals. So when the opportunity came to participate in today’s “Q & A With a Blogger Day”, I eagerly volunteered….and when I received the name of the person who I... Read more »

Confessing Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Confessing Nonprofit Social Media Strategy
The most current “hot topic” in the realm of social media is an article entitled Confessions of a Social Media Strategist. Although it may not be readily apparent, this article contains some great insights – and lessons – for those working in nonprofit social media strategy, as well as other professionals working for  social ventures... Read more »


NOTE: A complimentary electronic copy was provided for review. My opinions are my own. Currently, many communities are discussing the impact of “Big Data” – a catchphrase making its way through Chicago-area business and non-profit culture. Learning how to manage and leverage data can have an impact on various non-profit/social venture marketing and fundraising efforts.... Read more »