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Meet Your Neighbor: Sunshine Enterprises

Meet Your Neighbor: Sunshine Enterprises
Businesses are the cornerstone of any neighborhood, providing stability, growth, and a sense of community investment. Local businesses often rely on each other, so when businesses close or shut down, that often results in community deterioration. Sunshine Enterprises, a Chicago-area non-profit, is looking to make a positive impact matters in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood. Located in... Read more »

Your Summer Social Entrepreneurship Reading List

(Note: complimentary electronic and hard copies of the following books were provided for review purposes. My opinions are my own.) Chicago-area social entrepreneurs, non-profits, and other social change agents are always seeking resources, information, and guidance in fulfilling their mission. Many books are often recommended as “starter” books, providing some insight. This week, we will... Read more »

Confessing Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

Confessing Nonprofit Social Media Strategy
The most current “hot topic” in the realm of social media is an article entitled Confessions of a Social Media Strategist. Although it may not be readily apparent, this article contains some great insights – and lessons – for those working in nonprofit social media strategy, as well as other professionals working for  social ventures... Read more »

More Non-Profit Coworking Resources in Chicago

 A few weeks ago, we featured some great coworking spaces in Chicago focused on social ventures, non-profits, and other business entities focused on making an impact on the greater community.  Coworking spaces provide startups, non-profits, and other small businesses the opportunity to have a central, affordable place to perform their day-to-day business. Since many small... Read more »

Chicago Coworking for the Common Good

For many Chicago agents of social change – from non-profits to social entrepreneurs – coworking spaces are becoming hot spots of activity. Taking an almost open source approach to working, they provide facilities for freelancers, business owners, and other like-minded people to collaborate, cooperate, and build their own sense of community. (They also provide office... Read more »

Leaving Net2Chi

I hope you’ll forgive the late nature of this week’s post, but I have been busy doing something that….well, I’ve been reluctant to do, but need to do nonetheless. As many of you know, I’ve been co-organizer of Net Tuesday Chicago or “Net2Chi” for the past six years – sole organizer for the past year... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: Over the Rainbow Association

(Thanks to Eric Huffman and Derek Serafin for their time and consideration) Every once in awhile, I come across a “hidden treasure”: a non-profit, a resource, or some topic that is worth highlighting. On the blog this month, I’m happy to introduce you to an Evanston-based non-profit that focuses on removing barriers for a specific... Read more »

Networking Events for Social Good in Chicago

Chicago contains a variety of networking opportunities – mostly “big ticket” events that focus more on socializing than building professional networks and businesses. However, next week will bring three events which focus exclusively on businesses and social good….and are well worth checking out. On Tuesday, July 23rd, there will be a networking session focusing on... Read more »

Celebrating Social Enterprise Week

This week is a milestone – it’s Social Enterprise Week….and I bet you didn’t even know it. Of course you didn’t – after all, it was one of the few items that you might have missed. Governor Quinn made a proclamation last week declaring this week as a way of celebrating social enterprises – businesses... Read more »

Non-Profits & The Business of Social Good

Recently, I found myself involved in a discussion on a Facebook group focusing on comments made in a recent TED talk and in another person’s blog post. It leads me to the topic of today’s blog, which is Who drives social good more effectively – non-profits or private business? It’s a question that has a major... Read more »