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Nonprofits and Social Enterprise: What Are Your Biggest Challenges?

Nonprofits and Social Enterprise: What Are Your Biggest Challenges?
As a Chicago Now blogger, I have been writing about technology, nonprofits and social enterprise in Chicago. for several years. I have featured various organizations, discussed various resources, and started conversations about community and mission-driven organizations. But there’s one thing I haven’t done in this blog….and I’m kicking off 2016 by soliciting your feedback. My main... Read more »

2015 In Review: One Cause At A Time

2015 In Review: One Cause At A Time
Examining 2015 in review, Chicago can easily make one very important claim: 2015 was the year in which Chicago residents actively built and strengthened their communities one cause at a time, and technology played a greater role in making that happen. From a highly contested mayoral race to protests around police conduct, from library hotspots... Read more »

How to Support a Nonprofit Job Seeker

Whether seeking the next full-time career-building opportunity or even a short term freelance/consulting gig, a nonprofit job seeker in Chicago faces multiple challenges…not the least of which are the attitudes and behaviors of various peers and organizations. So in an effort to help those fellow travelers (like myself) who are trying to get work (or... Read more »

Great Chicago Events This Coming Week

Summer usually means one thing: a variety of events geared towards getting out and meeting others. Some Chicago events are focused around social good and social change, and this week, we’re going to be highlighting some upcoming events to add to your calendar. This Saturday is the kickoff for Learnapalooza, and all-day festival of learning.... Read more »

Improvisation & Play in Nonprofit Technology

 Things have been quite busy for me lately: between increased consulting work (including a brand new project), attending a Second City ETC revue for my personal blog, and attending C2E2, my schedule has been rather hectic. But these few weeks have also reminded me about the importance of improvisation – and play – in nonprofit/social... Read more »


Many people involved in nonprofit careers (whether transitioning into or out of the field) find it hard to survive in our current economy. Many are taking “side gigs” or smaller jobs to either bring in extra cash or – perhaps – spin their efforts off into a new career. For those wishing to adopt a... Read more »


One of the many resources I use as a nonprofit writer/consultant/blogger is NetGalley, a site that features new books from publishers for review purposes. Every once in awhile, I’ll check out a random book – mostly for my own reading, but often to find something that can benefit nonprofit workers. Edward G. Brown’s The Time... Read more »

How To Be a Genius At Hiring NonProfit Consultants

Right now, many nonprofits throughout Chicago are entering their heaviest fundraising period….and that may mean hiring nonprofit consultants or freelancers to assist or take on short term tasks. (Social enterprises and social ventures are also constantly seeking marketing and consulting assistance). As a communications consultant, I find myself competing for work for a variety of... Read more »

Coming Up: Social Media for NonProfits Chicago

  For many nonprofits, social enterprises, and other mission-driven organizaiton, social media is a key component of their marketing and communications strategy. Although Chicago has a great variety of resources and consultants available, there’s always a need to learn current up-to-date thinking about social media….and the Social Media for NonProfits Chicago session on October 29th is a... Read more »


  NOTE: A complimentary copy of Ms. Witter’s book was provided for purposes of review As I was writing last week’s post, I came to a very subtle realization – throughout my career in nonprofits, I have had to take on what might be called “guerrilla” public relations tactics. Working with media, getting the word... Read more »