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Meet Your Neighbor: Life Creative

Meet Your Neighbor: Life Creative
(Special thanks to Life Creative for inviting us to check them out, as well as for background and support materials) For many Chicago-area freelancers, nonprofits, and social enterprise organizations, finding a coworking space provides a unique challenge. Although Chicago is experiencing huge growth in coworking spaces (and we’ve written about several of them in the past),... Read more »

Happy Fourth of July

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Your February Guide to Chicago Nonprofit Events

Your February Guide to Chicago Nonprofit Events
Every month, we try to feature some upcoming nonprofit events for Chicago-area professionals. So without further adieu, here is a small sampling of upcoming events you might want to check out: On Friday, February 26th at 8:30 am at Gleacher Center, the Chicago Charity Challenge will announce  the names of the five most passionate and... Read more »

How to Support a Nonprofit Job Seeker

Whether seeking the next full-time career-building opportunity or even a short term freelance/consulting gig, a nonprofit job seeker in Chicago faces multiple challenges…not the least of which are the attitudes and behaviors of various peers and organizations. So in an effort to help those fellow travelers (like myself) who are trying to get work (or... Read more »

Knowing My Strengths

“Growing up” in the nonprofit world professionally, knowing my strengths (professional and personal) – and aware of the things I was good at – was always a challenge. Much of it came because of my personal background – without going into details, self-esteem came late in my life. In fact, learning what I was good... Read more »

Upcoming Events in Chicago

Summer usually means a dramatic leap in getting out and about around Chicago, and social change/social good advocates are no exception. So here’s a list of upcoming events in Chicago that you may wish to attend: Netsquared (the parent organization for Netsquared Chicago) will be running a What Is Office 365? Webinar tomorrow, June 11th at 1:00 pm... Read more »

Nonprofit Freelancing: Lessons From Vancouver

(Special thanks to Nik Badminton for taking time out of his schedule for this discussion. What follows is a general summary). When I wrote my recent review of The Economy of You, I might have expected more discussion around the challenges of social venture/nonprofit freelancing. However, I was elated when Nik Badminton of reached... Read more »

Chicago Social Change News Updates

There are many great activities and efforts driving Chicago social change and social benefit – so many that it can be difficult to keep track. This week, there’s an update on a funding effort featured while ago, as well as an upcoming event and a provocative, must-read article. Back in May, we wrote about the Humana Communities... Read more »

Chicago Net Tuesday & The Broadband Vision

Broadband access is a very hot topic in Chicago, with efforts to make access available to all. From efforts to expand free access on the north side (concurrent with similar efforts on the south side) to news that the Chicago Public Library has received funding to allow patrons to “check out” hotspots, there’s never been... Read more »

Advice For A New Grad: Social Change Careers

Like many of my fellow Chicago Now bloggers, I am writing this week to offer advice to a new grad (or graduates) about non-profit, social entrepreneurship, or other social change careers. As someone who has had a long career which includes nonprofit work, this is especially timely – I’m more than happy to share my... Read more »