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Is Meetup: Resist A Good Idea?

For many Chicago-area nonprofit organizations and professionals, Meetup is a critical organizational tool allowing them to build and engage communities. (Meetup is also used by a variety of other organizations, and in the interest of full disclosure, I run two Meetups – one based on a television show, the other around coworking in Chicago). So... Read more »

Support Chicago Meetups For Social Good

Last weekend, was brought to a standstill due to a variety of attacks on its service. (Slate has a great article outlining exactly what happened). For many groups, Meetup provides valuable assistance and resources for organizers of events. In the past few weeks, two new Meetups – focusing on tech and social good –... Read more »

HERE COMES EVERYBODY & Non-Profit Organizing Online

Many non-profit organizations use web-based tools  like Meetup and Eventbrite in organizing their events, but are often lost when it comes to understanding basic online organizing principles. In fact, many organizations still think of these platforms (much like social media) as having “followers” rather than “event planning tools”. But thankfully, Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody written very... Read more »

After The Election, Keep Democracy Open!

After The Election, Keep Democracy Open!
It is sorely tempting to write about all of the great apps and widgets that are making this election happen. Whether it’s Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, whoever handles the affairs of state will be entering a relatively new political sphere  in which voters and citizens have greater expectations around accountability, transparency, and insight into... Read more »

A Marathon of Socially Conscious Events This Week

A Marathon of Socially Conscious Events This Week
Although I spoke a little bit about some of this past week’s events (including one tomorrow), I thought I would end this not-quite-a-three-day-weekend with some information about upcoming events focusing on tech and the social good….because, quite honestly, this might allow you to run your own mini-marathon of activity. The Chicago chapter of the Social... Read more »