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Chicago Charity Challenge: A worthy gamble

 Chicago Charity Challenge: A worthy gamble
Sometimes, taking a gamble can pay off. When I was invited to a charity night put on by Paul Hastings, I had let it go due to work commitments. Thankfully, I received a follow up and with a new window of opportunity this past Thursday night, attended their Casino Night event for Christopher House. There, I... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: ChariPick

(Special thanks to Stephen Lee of Charipick for sharing his time and insights, and special thanks to Derek Serafin of Motion PR for the introduction) Matching nonprofit supporters and potential donors/volunteers can be a challenge for any organization. For smaller and medium-sized nonprofits, it can be especially challenging given the size of the organization, challenges in... Read more »

Planning the Chicago TARDIS Charity Auction

As an active social change agent, I always “practice what I preach” and have a healthy set of interests outside of my professional efforts. As a very active Doctor Who fan, I always look forward to organizing the Chicago TARDIS charity auction. It’s a great opportunity for me to stay involved, keep my skills up, but more... Read more »

I Volunteered for Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon 2015

Site from the Orange Line
One of the things I’m always game for is to have new experiences – throwing myself (often on a dare) and seeing what happens during the process.  So when a representative of Chicago Cares e-mailed me asking if I would be willing to participate in this year’s Serve-A-Thon - and cover the event, well….after checking out the website,... Read more »

Writing for Fun and Nonprofit

As a nonprofit professional, writing has been a key cornerstone of my saily work. Everything from web content to grant proposals, from brochures to formal clinical reports  – at some point, much of my professional life has been behind a keyboard of some kind. In fact, it became a nice substitute for a failed fiction-writing... Read more »

The Gift of Social Change Through Technology

The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity between Thanksgiving plans and running a charity auction for the Doctor Who-themed Chicago TARDIS Convention. Several things happened as a result: the first and most important is that we raised over $2,700 for Northern Ilinois Food Bank, and second thing is that I developed a... Read more »

How To Be a Genius At Hiring NonProfit Consultants

Right now, many nonprofits throughout Chicago are entering their heaviest fundraising period….and that may mean hiring nonprofit consultants or freelancers to assist or take on short term tasks. (Social enterprises and social ventures are also constantly seeking marketing and consulting assistance). As a communications consultant, I find myself competing for work for a variety of... Read more »

Coming Up: Social Media for NonProfits Chicago

  For many nonprofits, social enterprises, and other mission-driven organizaiton, social media is a key component of their marketing and communications strategy. Although Chicago has a great variety of resources and consultants available, there’s always a need to learn current up-to-date thinking about social media….and the Social Media for NonProfits Chicago session on October 29th is a... Read more »

Breaking the Rules: How the Ice Bucket Challenge Hurts NonProfits

As a strong advocate for using digital tools to engage potential advocates online, I probably should be more supportive of efforts like the Ice Bucket Challenge – the fundraising initiative that has gone viral. Many of my colleagues talk positively about it, and a few have even participated However, like several of my fellow Chicago Now... Read more »

Funding Opportunity: Chiditarod Grants

(Special thanks to Michi Trota of Chicago Nerd Social Club for her help in writing this post. Her take on this year’s Chiditarod can be found here.) As a board member for the Chicago Nerd Social Club, I frequently find myself involved in some great, creative efforts to engage people around causes with a pop... Read more »