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My Facebook Detox, Part Two: What I Learned

Last week, I blogged that I would be taking a one-week break from Facebook. With the help of browser extensions, I would avoid signing into Facebook. (And for good measure, I threw in HootSuite and YouTube and focused primarily on Twitter.)  My rationale was whether I was becoming a little too dependent on the service, focusing... Read more »

My Facebook Detox, Part One

My Facebook Detox, Part One
You would think that as a social media consultant, I would live and breathe on Facebook…especially since my past nonprofit and social enterprise clients rely on it heavily. However, my personal engagement on Facebook is becominbut quite frankly, it’s becoming a problem for me. Much of it is personal – the emotional consequences of the... Read more »

Hookers & Hackers & Buffer - Oh, My!

This past week has been busy for me, prepping for Friday’s panel discussion at DexCon2013 (thanks to Pierre Clark of the Chicago Digital Access Alliance for the invitation), but I didn’t want to let this week pass without addressing several pieces of recent news and commentary on the tech scene….and their implications for non-profits, social... Read more »

Networking Online and Offline - Two Opportunities

Networking and resource sharing are critical when driving digital and technological excellence in socially beneficial initiatives, and thankfully, readers of this blog have two opportunities to network online and offline. First, this blog now has a formal Facebook presence, which not only allows me to share posts more easily, but also encourages you, the reader,... Read more »

Facebook's Flawed Promotion

Facebook's Flawed Promotion
For many non-profits and other agents of social good, Facebook is a key channel, allowing many organizations to build their communities, foster online communication, and tap into other networks….with a minimum of cost. In fact, both Hubspot and Tech Soup pointed to great guides that can inform non-profits about how to use Facebook more effectively. However, Facebook... Read more »