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More Non-Profit Coworking Resources in Chicago

 A few weeks ago, we featured some great coworking spaces in Chicago focused on social ventures, non-profits, and other business entities focused on making an impact on the greater community.  Coworking spaces provide startups, non-profits, and other small businesses the opportunity to have a central, affordable place to perform their day-to-day business. Since many small... Read more »

Chicago Coworking for the Common Good

For many Chicago agents of social change – from non-profits to social entrepreneurs – coworking spaces are becoming hot spots of activity. Taking an almost open source approach to working, they provide facilities for freelancers, business owners, and other like-minded people to collaborate, cooperate, and build their own sense of community. (They also provide office... Read more »

Chicago Networking Events For the Social Good

Chicago is a city where various networking events focused on technology and social benefit efforts thrive and flourish. Although several Meetup groups were featured last week, there are other groups that provide great informational and networking opportunities. (And unlike other networking groups, focus more on delivering value than driving a high number of attendees). This... Read more »

Support Chicago Meetups For Social Good

Last weekend, was brought to a standstill due to a variety of attacks on its service. (Slate has a great article outlining exactly what happened). For many groups, Meetup provides valuable assistance and resources for organizers of events. In the past few weeks, two new Meetups – focusing on tech and social good –... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: ICECF

Meet Your Neighbor: ICECF
(Special thanks to Derek Serafin at Motion PR and Matthew Kurtzman at ICECF for their time, their efforts, and their contributions) Like many of us in Chicago, I’ve been busy dealing with the harsh weather…meaning that the last thing on my mind is focusing on the beginning of the school year. For Matthew Kurtzman, Executive... Read more »

Leaving Net2Chi

I hope you’ll forgive the late nature of this week’s post, but I have been busy doing something that….well, I’ve been reluctant to do, but need to do nonetheless. As many of you know, I’ve been co-organizer of Net Tuesday Chicago or “Net2Chi” for the past six years – sole organizer for the past year... Read more »

5 New Year's Resolutions for Social Change Agents

Although New Year’s celebrations may be over, New Year’s resolutions have a great importance. For social change agents like non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and other community-based mission-driven organizations, adapting to the constant evolution of technology will be critical. So here are five resolutions that Chicago-based social change agents should consider keeping to insure success in 2014:... Read more »

Fighting Hunger Online Through Pop Culture

With the holiday season nearly upon us, many are looking to help those who are less fortunate. Agencies like the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the Northern Illinois Food Bank are working to help fight hunger….and both agencies have created unique methods of engaging people’s help in fighting hunger through pop culture. As part of... Read more »


In terms of full disclosure: earlier this year, I signed on to be part of the launch team for The Myths of Creativity, a book by David Burkus focusing on misconceptions around innovation. Thankfully, I recently finished reading my complimentary electronic copy of the book (for review purposes, of course) after a few weeks’ spent... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: UsToo

Meet Your Neighbor: UsToo
(Special thanks to Derek Serafin of Motion PR for his assistance, and Tom Kirk of UsToo for his time and input) When discussing tech and non-profits, it is very easy to think broadly – social media, open source software, and other high-end tools. Thankfully, UsToo provides a great example of using channels to better engage... Read more »