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The Gift of Social Change Through Technology

The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity between Thanksgiving plans and running a charity auction for the Doctor Who-themed Chicago TARDIS Convention. Several things happened as a result: the first and most important is that we raised over $2,700 for Northern Ilinois Food Bank, and second thing is that I developed a... Read more »

Coming Up: Social Media for NonProfits Chicago

  For many nonprofits, social enterprises, and other mission-driven organizaiton, social media is a key component of their marketing and communications strategy. Although Chicago has a great variety of resources and consultants available, there’s always a need to learn current up-to-date thinking about social media….and the Social Media for NonProfits Chicago session on October 29th is a... Read more »

1990: My Entry Into Social Change

Recently, I was able to make Chicago Net Tuesday’s recent session on digital storytelling, and found myself a bit nostalgic. Perhaps it’s because I’m at the point where I’m moving away from youthful idealism towards mature longing, but there’s always been one year where it all came together for me – my passion for social... Read more »

The Art of Learning About Nonprofit Software

Recently, a colleague of mine had asked my assistance in identifying software vendors for nonprofits….and although I was able to help him somewhat (with further follow-up to come). it started me thinking about a central question….just how and where do nonprofits decide to purchase software? For me, it was easy – I had always worked with... Read more »

Chicago Social Change News Updates

There are many great activities and efforts driving Chicago social change and social benefit – so many that it can be difficult to keep track. This week, there’s an update on a funding effort featured while ago, as well as an upcoming event and a provocative, must-read article. Back in May, we wrote about the Humana Communities... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: Sunshine Enterprises

Meet Your Neighbor: Sunshine Enterprises
Businesses are the cornerstone of any neighborhood, providing stability, growth, and a sense of community investment. Local businesses often rely on each other, so when businesses close or shut down, that often results in community deterioration. Sunshine Enterprises, a Chicago-area non-profit, is looking to make a positive impact matters in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood. Located in... Read more »

Chicago Net Tuesday & The Broadband Vision

Broadband access is a very hot topic in Chicago, with efforts to make access available to all. From efforts to expand free access on the north side (concurrent with similar efforts on the south side) to news that the Chicago Public Library has received funding to allow patrons to “check out” hotspots, there’s never been... Read more »

Funding Opportunity: Chiditarod Grants

(Special thanks to Michi Trota of Chicago Nerd Social Club for her help in writing this post. Her take on this year’s Chiditarod can be found here.) As a board member for the Chicago Nerd Social Club, I frequently find myself involved in some great, creative efforts to engage people around causes with a pop... Read more »

Letters to a New Mom: Online Resources

With Mother’s Day around the corner (meaning tomorrow), helping a new mom find online resources is critical. There are plenty of great opportunities to help, and along with my fellow Chicago Now bloggers, I’ll be writing another in a series of “Letters to a New Mom”, hoping to bring light to a few online resources.... Read more »

Donald Sterling's Lessons For Digital Excellence Advocates

Donald Sterling's Lessons For Digital Excellence Advocates
With Donald Sterling’s recent comments leading to banning (and possible removal) from the NBA, discussions around diversity, racism, and inclusion are prevalent. (It also helps that similar conversations are happening in the nerd/geek realm, thanks to two Chicago Nerd Social Club panels at C2E2). When discussing digital excellence – helping non-profits and underserved communities become... Read more »