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Net Neutrality Next Steps

Net Neutrality is one of the key issues driving conversation – and activism – in early 2018. (For an overview of the issues involved, check out this recent radio appearance). Thanks to two recent forums on Net Neutrality – one held this past Tuesday at Center on Halsted; the other driving Netsquared Chicago’s February meeting,... Read more »

Carrie Fisher: A Legacy of Mental Health Advocacy

Carrie Fisher: A Legacy of Mental Health Advocacy
For the blog’s final post of 2016, I wanted to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher. Although like many people, I grew up in the shadow of the originalĀ Star Wars trilogy, I also knew that she developed a second career as a writer, but most importantly….she was a strong advocate for mental health services. You’ll be... Read more »

Google's Black Friday Gift

Today is best known as “Black Friday” due to heavy amounts of retail occurring. But today, I’m going to encourage everyone to become advocates in a way that will make today a little less Black. Google is starting efforts to help make the Internet “free and legal” – efforts are underway to more heavily regulate... Read more »