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Red Alert: 48 Crucial Hours for Net Neutrality

Red Alert: 48 Crucial Hours for Net Neutrality
With a potential Congressional vote to end Net Neutrality, it is imperative that people contact their Representatives to urge them to vote against the FCC’s recommendations. (And you can learn more via But why should we support Net Neutrality? You may be thinking…and here are some good reasons: Ajit Pai, Chair of the FCC, has... Read more »

How Net Neutrality Impacts Chicago Nonprofits

Why we need net neutrality from Vimeo Staff on Vimeo With the February 27th  #OneMoreVote campaign on February 27th to overturn the FCC’s repeal of Net Neutrality, many organizations – including Chicago nonprofits – may not understand the full implications of not taking action. And with the FCC repeal entering the Federal Register, it is... Read more »

Net Neutrality Next Steps

Net Neutrality is one of the key issues driving conversation – and activism – in early 2018. (For an overview of the issues involved, check out this recent radio appearance). Thanks to two recent forums on Net Neutrality – one held this past Tuesday at Center on Halsted; the other driving Netsquared Chicago’s February meeting,... Read more »

Carrie Fisher: A Legacy of Mental Health Advocacy

Carrie Fisher: A Legacy of Mental Health Advocacy
For the blog’s final post of 2016, I wanted to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher. Although like many people, I grew up in the shadow of the original Star Wars trilogy, I also knew that she developed a second career as a writer, but most importantly….she was a strong advocate for mental health services. You’ll be... Read more »

Google's Black Friday Gift

Today is best known as “Black Friday” due to heavy amounts of retail occurring. But today, I’m going to encourage everyone to become advocates in a way that will make today a little less Black. Google is starting efforts to help make the Internet “free and legal” – efforts are underway to more heavily regulate... Read more »