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My Facebook Detox, Part Two: What I Learned

Last week, I blogged that I would be taking a one-week break from Facebook. With the help of browser extensions, I would avoid signing into Facebook. (And for good measure, I threw in HootSuite and YouTube and focused primarily on Twitter.)  My rationale was whether I was becoming a little too dependent on the service, focusing... Read more »

Is Meetup: Resist A Good Idea?

For many Chicago-area nonprofit organizations and professionals, Meetup is a critical organizational tool allowing them to build and engage communities. (Meetup is also used by a variety of other organizations, and in the interest of full disclosure, I run two Meetups – one based on a television show, the other around coworking in Chicago). So... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: IssueLab

(Special thanks to Gordon Mayer for the heads-up!) Driving social change in Chicago means meeting a variety of really great like-minded people, but it also means learning about great resources for nonprofits. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn about IssueLab, an online initiative that seeks to help nonprofits by centralizing research. Although affiliated with... Read more »

Nonprofit Freelancing: Lessons From Vancouver

(Special thanks to Nik Badminton for taking time out of his schedule for this discussion. What follows is a general summary). When I wrote my recent review of The Economy of You, I might have expected more discussion around the challenges of social venture/nonprofit freelancing. However, I was elated when Nik Badminton of reached... Read more »

Writing for Fun and Nonprofit

As a nonprofit professional, writing has been a key cornerstone of my saily work. Everything from web content to grant proposals, from brochures to formal clinical reports  – at some point, much of my professional life has been behind a keyboard of some kind. In fact, it became a nice substitute for a failed fiction-writing... Read more »

One Cause At A Time: 2014 in Review

When looking at the growth of social good and technology in Chicago, the past year has seen many accomplishments. This blog has also seen quite a bit of activity, and in looking at 2014 in review, it may be good to take a unique view. So this post is a kind of “greatest hits” of... Read more »

Non-Profit Funding Opportunity: Humana Foundation

Non-Profit Funding Opportunity: Humana Foundation
One of the many benefits of writing this blog is that I have the opportunity to provide resources, including opportunities for non-profit funding. Many non-profits are finding that the constant search for new funding can impede their ability to make greater impact, and this week’s post focuses on an opportunity through the Humana Foundation. The... Read more »

Online Resources - Alcohol Awareness Month

Online Resources - Alcohol Awareness Month
Every April, the National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence sponsors Alcohol Awareness Month, an effort to educate the general public about the nature of alcoholism and the dangers of problem drinking. (Admittedly, I have a personal interest in this – not only was my training in chemical dependency, ut I once worked for their companion... Read more »

How Agents of Social Change Can Shield Themselves With Good Intel

(Minor spoilers for Agents of SHIELD and Captain America: The Winter Soldier follow) As the weather gets warmer in Chicago (relatively speaking, of course), efforts to raise funds for non-profits begin to appear with greater familiarity. However, the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and last night’s episode of Agents of SHIELD show an... Read more »

Support Chicago Meetups For Social Good

Last weekend, was brought to a standstill due to a variety of attacks on its service. (Slate has a great article outlining exactly what happened). For many groups, Meetup provides valuable assistance and resources for organizers of events. In the past few weeks, two new Meetups – focusing on tech and social good –... Read more »