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Follow Up: Chicago Cares Serve A Thon 2015

Recently, I participated in Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon 2015, and although I wrote about the experience, I don’t think my prose did the event justice. There was a high number of participants in a wide variety of activities…. However, this recently released video is a great example of everything that went into the event. (And you... Read more »

Meet Your Neighbor: Open Books In West Loop

Meet Your Neighbor: Open Books In West Loop
One of the many advantages of working in the nonprofit field -(and being a Chicago Now blogger)  is that I get the opportunity to attend some really great events and visit some really cool places. Thanks to an invitation via a Facebook group, I had the opportunity to visit Open Books, a social venture dedicated to... Read more »

Connecting (And Reconnecting) With Brighton Park Library

Yesterday, I had to perform an act that, for a variety of reasons, was tinged with nostalgia and regret. I had to return my hotspot to the Brighton Park branch of the Chicago Public Library. Now, you may be thinking that I am being overly dramatic, or a bit over-the-top. However, that particular branch of... Read more »

Great Chicago Events This Coming Week

Summer usually means one thing: a variety of events geared towards getting out and meeting others. Some Chicago events are focused around social good and social change, and this week, we’re going to be highlighting some upcoming events to add to your calendar. This Saturday is the kickoff for Learnapalooza, and all-day festival of learning.... Read more »

I Volunteered for Chicago Cares Serve-A-Thon 2015

Site from the Orange Line
One of the things I’m always game for is to have new experiences – throwing myself (often on a dare) and seeing what happens during the process.  So when a representative of Chicago Cares e-mailed me asking if I would be willing to participate in this year’s Serve-A-Thon - and cover the event, well….after checking out the website,... Read more »

Upcoming Events in Chicago

Summer usually means a dramatic leap in getting out and about around Chicago, and social change/social good advocates are no exception. So here’s a list of upcoming events in Chicago that you may wish to attend: Netsquared (the parent organization for Netsquared Chicago) will be running a What Is Office 365? Webinar tomorrow, June 11th at 1:00 pm... Read more »

Placing Community Conversations "On the Table" [Meet Your Neighbor]

“Community” is a word that gets used quite frequently in conversation….and we all wish to strengthen our home communities. But quite often, it can get mired into very high-end thinking with little action. In celebrating its hundredth year, the Chicago Community Trust is putting on a year-long celebration of community-based philanthropy, and on May 12th,... Read more »

The Chicago Mayoral Election & The "Digital Divide"

The Chicago Mayoral Election & The "Digital Divide"
With the Chicago Mayoral election coming up next week, I’ve been thinking about a question from the first debate between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. One of the questions was about the “digital divide”, and both candidates seemed to struggle with the concept: Garcia made an initially fumbling, but articulate discussion of the... Read more »

Addendum: Chicago Mayoral Election Judge

A few weeks ago, I wrote about serving as election judge in the February primary. As a first-time judge, I had some questions and observations, and was fortunate to discuss these matters via e-mail with Jim Allen at the Board of Elections. With a Chicago mayoral election just a few weeks away, I thought this... Read more »

I Served As Judge for the Chicago Primary Election

For many, this past Tuesday’s Chicago primary election were about selecting their mayoral and aldermanic candidates of choice. For me, it was a very unique challenge….as I served as election judge for the 13th Ward. What motivated me to such an action? The previous election – more specifically, the use of robocalling to disrupt voting-... Read more »