Photo by Gordon Dymowski

Photo by Gordon Dymowski

When it comes to social good and social benefit, Chicago has a very thriving community: mission-driven organizations like nonprofits, social ventures, social entrepreneurs, and other community/neighborhood organizations perform a wide variety of services. As a professional, I have been fortunate enough to work with many of them. In my personal life, I am fortunate to interact with a wide variety of online outlets, both as a writer and tech enthusiast. (You can find my fiction and academic writing available via my Amazon Author Central page)

Here on One Cause At A Time, we discuss the intersection of tech and social good. We focus on how technology makes an impact not only on organizations (nonprofits, social ventures, and other mission-driven organizations) but on the greater Chicago community. We'll discuss how mission-driven organizations can adopt tech to become more effective in their work. We'll spark conversation about better engaging and motivating people in the civic realm. We'll have conversations that go beyond the usual tech cheerleading. We'll have discussions that should be happening....but aren’t.

Our mission is simple: to reinforce the idea that building online and offline communities frequently mean taking a greater view of what's happening in Chicago. Chicago’s community tech efforts are as diverse as its neighborhoods....and we're going to focus on them. (With the occasional book review and foray into personal experiences). And yes, I have a vested interest: I work with small businesses, nonprofits, and social ventures to build their online communications capacity. (Need proof? Check out my LinkedIn profile, my writing portfolio, and my menu of professional services)

This blog's mission - and my personal mission - are simple: to help build communities one cause at a time

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