I have been working in the non-profit field for....well, my entire adult life. I’ve also been kind of a tech geek for....well, my entire adult life. So I love it when both worlds come together.

“One Cause At A Time” is based on a very early blog I had created and posted semi-regularly, in which I argued:

Non-profits don't need more tech and social media "experts"....they need participants.

So many throw words like “non-profit needs to use social media/tech more”, “let's build communities”, and “engaging constituents”....but don't have focus. One Cause At A Time is going to focus on how - and where - these are happening. In short, this is the non-profit tech/social media/non-profit blog...non-profit tech/social media/non-profit blogs

In short, this isn’t going to be just another “hey-look-how-wonderful-I-am” non-profit blog; I’m hoping to share what’s going on in our communities. What should be going on. How non-profits can utilize tools to become more effective in their work....and to drive conversation about engaging and motivating people in the civic realm.  To have the conversations that should be happening....but aren’t. To drive home that in order to build communities online and offline, you have to turn off the monitor and look at what’s going on outside, and highlight those efforts which are working. Chicago’s community tech efforts are as diverse as its neighborhoods....and we're going to focus on them

And yes,  I have a vested interest - I work with small businesses, non-profits and social ventures to build their social media capacity. My goal is simple: to help build communities one cause at a time.

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And as always, thanks for reading!