This Blog's Best of 2017

This Blog's Best of 2017

Every year, I make an effort to list blog posts from the past year as a "best of" summary. Unfortunately, personal events made it hard to create a "Best of 2016". This year has been a challenge, with no posting in one month (due to personal issues), but otherwise, here is a compilation of this blog's "Best of 2017".

Using quotes from each post here's a great way to start exploring this blog's archives. Enjoy the best of 2017!

January - Maybe I was raised in Chicago, but I definitely grew up in St. Louis.

February - It's ok to snicker. Because they're completely and utterly wrong on this point.

March - In short, it's the repetition of the message that I'm doing something wrong....and that's the most difficult thing to handle.

April - No post, but I was published in a collection of DePaul Pop Culture Celebration essays

May - It's also important that voices that don't get heard, and that more grassroots-based community building efforts get the visibility and attention they deserve.

June - ...tonight's topic hits a little too close to home.0902171913

July - As a man who wishes for the energy of his youth to catch up with his's a very appealing notion

August - he's the example of what happens when certain beliefs go unchallenged (or more importantly, holding onto those beliefs inhibits growth and...let's face it, is very unprofessional.

September - I had to settle for my Doc Savage t-shirt

October - is compassion fatigue still considered a thing?

November - And let's not forget that we're also living in the Trump presidency....and it hurts me to have to type that

DecemberVarious communities are banding together to fight Ajit Pai and his efforts......and that brings me joy. 

Any other highlights from 2017? Any wishes for topics for this blog to cover in 2018? Please feel free to leave them in the comments below, join the conversation via our Facebook page, or e-mail me privately via this contact form.

Thanks, and looking forward to 2018!

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