Stand In Solidarity With Charlottesville

Stand In Solidarity With Charlottesville

In light of yesterday's events in Charlottesville, VA....I'm unsure what kind of comfort I could give to readers, friends, and others.

So I'm not even going to try...what I am going to do is list various resources for helping the people of Charlottesville recover. It may not be much - or enough - but at the very least, it's what I can do via the blog.  (And yes, several of these may be out of date, but I'm including them for completeness' sake.

If you're looking around the country, Indivisible has a really good online guide.

You can also check out Beloved Community Charlottesville.

Sara J. Bennicasa has written a guide to Charlottesville-area non-profits, stemming from this Twitter thread:

There are three rallies in support of the people of Charlottesville here, here, and here

Here's a Twitter list focusing on Charlottesville-area news
Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list....please feel free to list other resources in the comments below. (And comments are moderated)

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