One Cause At A Time: 2014 in Review

Transitioning into 2015When looking at the growth of social good and technology in Chicago, the past year has seen many accomplishments. This blog has also seen quite a bit of activity, and in looking at 2014 in review, it may be good to take a unique view. So this post is a kind of "greatest hits" of 2014 - sorted by month (with a random quote) for organization - and let's face it, search optimization.

So without further adieu, here we go....

January - As the man said, I can have anything I want, I just can't have everything I want...

February - In the midst of a harsh winter, it is hard to focus on efforts that happen at a different time of year. It's also easy to forget that networking is as much about building and cultivating working relationships as it is on "getting the word out"

MarchChicago has a great variety of events, and Meetup is not the only source....but at the very least, it provides a simple entry point for diving into the world of social good.

AprilHowever, the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD show an increasing distrust of organizations, and focus on how hiding behind information can be detrimental in building trust.

MaySo for all graduates, regardless of age or program, remember - nonprofit/social change careers are an adventure to be embraced.BTP Adventures in Freelancing 1106

JuneWe should really do this again. Seriously, Chicago Now, let's make this an annual event. I received a great deal of insight, and at the very's one less post to worry about.

JulyChicago has always seen a divide between the north and south sides that extends beyond baseball - and that divide includes a huge split in perception around socioeconomic status.

August - For those of you who have causes you would like to promote - or even if you work for a nonprofit and are looking to get the word out - I have come up with my own "viral" challenge. I'm calling it....the Funny Cat Challenge.

September - Chicago, we have a variety of opportunities to meet with others and learn more about software

OctoberIronically, very few media outlets have expressed this tension, the most notable being....believe it or not....John Oliver.

November...and one of the biggest "moments of genius" that I have had is simply this: sometimes, nonprofits don't know what to look for in a consultant.

December -'s my hope that the coming year brings the best for everyone who reads this blog....

This may seem like an arbitrary list....but keeping track of so much great activity can be a real challenge....and a challenge that you can help!

Know of any really great resources - anything in Chicago (or the suburbs) where people, nonprofits, social ventures, or other organizations use technology to drive social good and social impact? Feel free to let us know in the comments below. Better yet, you can contact me directly - my contact information can be located in the About page of this blog. Plus, you can always join us for updates via our Facebook page.

Thanks for making 2014 such a success, and looking forward to 2015!

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