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Startup Weekend LogoWith nonprofits taking more of a "lean startup" approach to doing business  many organizations are focusing on engaging tech-minded individuals....especially underrepresented populations. Thanks to Nicole Yeary of Ms. Tech, we have information about a Chicago Startup Weekend - which you may find of interest and which is happening this very weekend...

Thanks to Ms. Tech, we learned that Startup Weekend (who partnered with the Google for Entrepreneurs #40Forward Initiative) selected Chicago to hold a "Women's Edition" of ChicagoStartup Weekend this coming Friday through Sunday (June 20th through 22nd) at Starter School. Startup Weekend is a Seattle-based non-profit that organizes 54 hour events that help educate, support, and empower people to become entrepreneurs. (And with many becoming social entrepreneurs and crafting mission-based businesses, having such an event is crucial for developing networks and resources). Chicago was fortunate enough to be one of ten cities in the United States (and one of fifteen cities throughout the globe) to hold an event, and they're looking to get the greater community more involved with Startup Weekend.
A few words about Ms. Tech - Ms. Tech is a Chicago-based organizations that is helping women start and scale their businesses through training, resources, mentors and valuable connections. Starting as an eight-person group that shared information and resources via Facebook, it has grown to over 1,000 members who are determined to see a higher number of female founded startups capture funding, gain press coverage, and develop role models for future generations of women in tech. After learning about Chicago Startup Weekend Chicago Geek Breakfast, not only did was this a great idea to highlight on the blog...but there's also an offer for those who want to attend. Although there is a cost to the event, you can use the code 'geekvip' for a small discount. It may sound out-of-reach for many people, but this is a great opportunity for women involved in startup culture - especially female social entrepreneurs and nonprofit executives - to gain a greater awareness of how to grow their business, and more importantly, make a greater impact.

Every so often, we highlight several networking events that may be of interest to nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, and other people working towards tech and social change in the Chicago area. Some upcoming events you might want to consider include:

Know of any other events of interest? Have other resources that you would like to share? Please let us know in the comments below. You can also contact us via Facebook and my personal contact information can be found on this blog's About page. Please also be sure to check out both posts as part of Chicago Now's Q & A With A Blogger initiative this past week.

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