Non-Profit Funding Opportunity: Humana Foundation

Non-Profit Funding Opportunity: Humana Foundation

One of the many benefits of writing this blog is that I have the opportunity to provide resources, including opportunities for non-profit funding. Many non-profits are finding that the constant search for new funding can impede their ability to make greater impact, and this week's post focuses on an opportunity through the Humana Foundation.

The Humana Community Benefits Program is a multi-year grant focusing on driving healthy behaviors and healthy relationships, with a specific geographic focus on Chicago (including Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kankakee, Lake, and McHenry counties), Tampa Bay and San Antonio. More information (including application instructions) can be found via, with applications being taken through June 30th, and formal judging performed in August. These grants, funded by the Humana Foundation, seek to provide transformational impact on nonprofit organizations and improve the health and well-being of their communities. By focusing on programs that make an impact, the Foundation hopes to impact individuals by building character skills and improving the overall quality of life, and fostering stronger internal ties within the community.

Programs that the Foundation is interested in funding include (but are not limited to):

  • Physical activity and sports programs
  • Nutrition education programs
  • Intergenerational and peer-to-peer mentorships between caring adults and youth
  • Friendly visitors supporting isolated seniors living at home
  • Coach mentors to at-risk youth

One of the ways in which the Program is integrating tech is by creating unique online content - here's a great sample video focusing on a past program recipient:

This year, however, the program is integrating some new features that will help
non-profits throughout the application process, providing networking and other opportunities for applicants, demonstrate program effectiveness, and advocate for some great nonprofit work. These features include:

  • Prospective applications can locate past grant winners via the HCB Mentor Page for guidance and insight into the application process;
  • A semi-annual digital newsletter, highlighting news about the program as well as information from past grant winners;
  • Building on a crowdsourcing model, three finalists in each city will be able to engage their online community in voting for the most deserving program. Finalists would provide a video and short narrative, and could use a variety of
    techniques (including social media) to engage its online and offline audience.

Funds will be awarded yearly - $200,000 the first year, $100,000 the second year, and $50,000 the final year. Funds will be awarded each year based on confirmation of completed milestones and required outcome reports. Agencies are encouraged to include practical, measurable milestones that are clearly aligned with the grantee’s mission. Since these grants require a large amount of resources to operate, the Humana Foundation suggests that applying organizations must have a minimum operating budget of $1,000,000 and cite previous projects in order to be considered.

Although there are many online and offline opportunities to locate grants (including the Donors Forum), many Chicago nonprofits still struggle to locate available funding sources. Thankfully, the Humana Foundation is taking an extremely proactive stance in outreach to the community, and is providing great leadership for building relationships with the greater community.

Know of any other funding opportunities for non-profits....or any other topics for consideration? You're more than welcome to suggest them either via the comments below, or you can always visit and join us on Facebook . You are also free to follow me on Twitter or contact me privately - contact information can be found on the blog's About page.

As always, thanks for reading!

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