Letters to a New Mom: Online Resources

Hey Moms - Find Online ResourcesWith Mother's Day around the corner (meaning tomorrow), helping a new mom find online resources is critical. There are plenty of great opportunities to help, and along with my fellow Chicago Now bloggers, I'll be writing another in a series of "Letters to a New Mom", hoping to bring light to a few online resources.

If you are looking for a great portal to connect with other Chicago-area parents, a great starting point would be the Neighborhood Parents Network. Originally founded in 1980 as the Northside Parents Network, NPN is a non-profit focused on connecting Chicago area parents with resources and support groups to help them navigate parenting in the city. Not only does the site aggregate information about various events and agencies, the site also has a dedicated discussion forum focusing on the unique issues parents face in Chicago. It's the first, best stop for finding information focusing on becoming a parent.

Another resource to consider is Founding Moms, which focuses on connecting and empowering mom entrepreneurs throughout the country. Although the main site has a national focus, there are many great resources for moms to download, connect, and Network. In addition, Founding Moms has several meetups in Illinois, including their main Chicago/Oak Park meetup group. For female entrepreneurs focusing on social ventures and social entrepreneurship, Founding Moms can be a great resource for making an impact both on the community and on their family.

In an effort to remain extremely tech savvy and accessible to all, the Chicago Public Chicago-Public-Library-logoLibrary has recently revamped its web presence. From allowing patrons to create a user ID and password to a much more user-friendly interface, the Chicago Public Library's website will now be better able to reach parents seeking programs, resources, and access. Although it may not be mom-specific, anything that helps connect people to resources is always welcome!

For moms who are seeking some eco-friendly - and extremely offbeat - events, they can't do any better than Green Parent Chicago. Focusing on a variety of activities ranging from biking to planting, Green Parent Chicago lists a variety of activities for moms, dads, and anyone interested in taking in some great environmentally-friendly activities.

Like many of you, I will be spending the day with my mother....and it will be a very special Mother's Day. Several years ago, my mother received a liver transplant at Rush, and I will always be eternally grateful. Their doctors do incredible work, and although mentioning Rush's transplant unit may seem a bit off topic....I felt the need to acknowledge their efforts, as Mother's Day would not be the same without them.

Do you have any great resources for new moms? Please feel free to make suggestions in the comments below. In addition, you are always welcome to visit and join us on Facebook (which is starting to grow, and you'll get content not featured on the blog but we're looking to grow), and you can contact me directly via information on  our About page.

And as always, thanks for reading!

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