Book Review - The Newbie's Guide to GOING SOCIAL

Book Review - The Newbie's Guide to GOING SOCIAL

(FULL DISCLOSURE: A Review copy of the book was provided for review purposes. My opinions are my own)

One of the challenges that many Chicago area non-profits face is handling not just social media, but the idea of social marketing. Using social media tools in a professional, strategic way can be a challenge, especially for those unusued to thinking about social media as a legitimate marketing channel.

Thankfully, Jeremy Goldman has provided a great introductory volume to social marketing via his new book, Going Social. Although it is written in more general business-like tone, there are many key issues, ideas, and thoughts that non-profits and other agents of the social good can integrate into their regular marketing efforts.

Much like  The Tasti D-Lite Way, Goldman's book provides some great examples (although admittedly, they're much more diverse in terms of corporate and private brands), and the tone makes this a pretty good read. (Some of the more marketing-oriented language may be a bit off-putting for non-profits and other mission-driven organizations, but that's a minor quibble).

But all in all, Going Social is a pretty strong guide for social marketing, and well worth reading not just by community groups or non-profits, but anyone with an interest in connecting online.

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