Making Illinois Work

Making Illinois Work

Like many people in the state of Illinois, I am one of the "underemployed." (In fact, I recently ended my stint guest-blogging at another Chicago Now blog to focus on finding more freelance/permanent work, and am always open for referrals). But thankfully, part of my exploration and networking has led me to find two online resources - provided by the state of Illinois - that are relatively easy to use, and which help anyone at various stages of unemployment connect with opportunities to return to work...and prosper in a changing economy.

It would be easy for many job seekers (like myself) to see Illinois JobLink as redundant - after all, there are many other job boards that contain duplicate information. What makes JobLink unique is that not only does it aggregate and contain job listings from a variety of sites, but also allows for employers to search posted resumes for qualified candidates. (In fact, I received a recent phone call from an employment agency via the site, and have since interviewed). For those who may not be technically savvy or digitally literate, Job Link provides a really invaluable service for job seekers.

It's Illinois WorkNet - focused on training and education - that really serves as a great resource for job seekers. Providing career planning, training, and assessments, WorkNet is a really good resource for job seekers who wish to develop critical skills and maintain some of their job seeking momentum.

Some of you may be wondering why, in a blog about tech and social good, I am focusing on these sites. We tend to focus solely on charitable efforts and/or marketing when talking about these issues....but workforce and economic development are also key in driving the social good.  My experiences in job seeking and freelancing have left me with one key understanding - that despite the protestations of a few people, nobody wants a handout....simply a hand.

And both of these sites are welcome assistance for those of us seeking employment.

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