Some of you may know me as a comics/pop-culture blogger....or as the weekly contributor to Chicago Now's Job Stalker.

But I'm embarking on a new, more appropriate endeavor - writing about non-profits, tech, and social media.

But this isn't just another "non-profits-can-use-these-free-tools" or "here's-how-non-profits-can-market-more-effectively" blog.

I have a great deal of experience working in the non-profit field...as a program administrator. I've worked with homeless shelters in St. Louis. My work has ranged from the city of Chicago to the outskirts of rural Missouri. I've helped mobilize merchants to not sell tobacco to youth and helping businesses in air quality prevention. I've also volunteered for the Chicago Red Cross (although it's been marketing one of their fundraisers, and not the real work that those braver than I do on a daily basis).

Currently, I'm doing some consulting work for non-profits (and always seeking great professional opportunities). I'm always learning about how non-profits are integrating tech....and ways in which they can fulfill their mission more effectively. And you'll be reading about them here, as well as a variety of other topics.

So if you're curious to learn more about me, you can read about me via Linked In, Google, or my web site. Thanks, and looking forward to serving your non-profit/tech blogging needs.


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