Book Review - Making Social Media Tasty for Non-Profits

Book Review - Making Social Media Tasty for Non-Profits

(NOTE: a free  hardbound copy of The Tasti D-Lite Way was provided for purposes of review. My opinions are my own).

Once upon a long ago, I had one of my fellow consultant/non-profit types ask me, "Gordon, why do you go to business networking events, and not just stick to non-profits?"

The short answer is that I will use any tactic or way of thinking that works, regardless of the source. (Plus, with a thriving social entrepreneurship scene here in Chicago, I'm more than open to broadening my horizons when it comes to the social good). So when the opportunity came to read how a plucky New York frozen confectionary company learned how to build its social media presence from scratch, I eagerly jumped at the chance.

I'm glad to say that The Tasti D-Lite Way, written by the company's chairman/CEO and VP of Technology, is a great, easy-to-read primer on how to begin thinking about and building a social media presence.

Upon initial reading, the discussion about "customers" and more business-oriented subjects may be a bit off-putting for non-profit types, but I suggest thinking about what's presented in more non-profit friendly terms ("fundraising", "development", "community engagement", etc).  Because The Tasti D-Lite Way is a great primer on how to build a social media presence, but more essentially, thinking about social media less as a way to promote and more as a communications channel.  While other social media books may focus primarily on buzzwords and marketing, The Tasti D-Lite Way manages to keep its focus on how businesses do social media "right".

(For a great local example - and an organization that I have volunteered for - one needs look no further than the Chicago Red Cross, who have managed to do some groundbreaking work in using social media to engage citizens in local relief efforts.)

Much like a nice, sweet frozen dessert on a sweltering summer day, The Tasti D-Lite Way is a great, easy-to-read primer on how businesses (including non-profits) can better use social media to build their communities one cause at a time. Well worth your time and attention.

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