Make a Beeline for Hubbard Avenue


Artist @mue_bon

One of my favorite areas for strolling is the B_Line Chicago, located in the Fulton Market District. The B_Line has a long history dating back to 1971 and is seeing a rebirth thanks to managing curator, Levar Hoard. 200 new murals are being created over time along the B-Line. I pop over to Hubbard Avenue as often as I can, giddy with excitement over what I will find.

Levar is a Busy Guy

I had a little one-on-one with Levar to see what else he is up to.

Are you working on any projects other than the B_Line?

We have now begun curating murals for private clients and other industrial areas of Chicago. We are the managing curators of Goose Island now—the actual island in the middle of the Chicago River. We are transforming a number of large old factory buildings through art/popup installations and the first coffee shop just opened there - Passion House.

I know a few artists who are interested in painting on the B_Line. Are you currently accepting mural portfolios?

We are constantly reviewing portfolios and have an artist registration form on our website. We mostly hunt for artists ourselves and bring the world’s most talented and well-known artists to Chicago. So while we are very active curators for The B_Line gallery, we definitely welcome surprise talents we haven’t discovered yet!

Mural Teaser

I don't want to spoil all the fun; therefore, I'm only going to share a few of my favorites as a little enticement.


Artist @alexfacebkk


Artist @cookiesandart


Artist @stinkfishstink


Artist @greggossel


Artist @pipsqueakwashere


Artist @mue_bon


Artist @lookatart

Craft Beer Bars I Discovered

Walking always makes me thirsty, and fortunately, I came across several craft beer venues while out hunting these murals. These badass places include The Swill Inn, Goose Island at Fulton Market, Jefferson Tap, and The Aberdeen Tap. I can't wait to see what is next.

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