Blatant Racism In My Face

While this is off topic, I feel it’s important to share. In all my years on earth, I have never witnessed blatant racism in my face like I did recently.

I came upon a heated disturbance by a white man and a black man. I had no idea who instigated the situation or what was going on.

I was wearing earbuds, so I removed them and asked if I should call the police. The white man responded, saying no. He then turns to me and says “how do you tolerate *these* people?” I was shaking, in tears, and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

The black man was yelling at him for using racial slurs. The white man continued to be defiant, crossing his arms with a smug look on his face. In retrospect, I think he was hoping the black man would hit him so he could cry assault.

This just added to the black man’s frustration and he eventually pushed the man into a fountain. The white man had three young children in tow and they ended up getting wet with him.

The children were hysterical, his wife was pulling his arm to get him to leave, and he remained obstinate. The black man spit at him and followed the family to their car. They finally left the scene.

Multiple squad cars approached and I started talking to other women who witnessed the entire incident. One woman said the black man was sitting down minding his business when the white man came up to him and called him the ‘N-word’ multiple times.

We confronted the officers to share what happened and get assurance the black man wouldn’t be arrested. We each gave our testimony and chose to stay on board while the officers calmed him down. We were asked to leave, but refused until we knew he would be safe. He calmed down and was able to leave on his own.

I will never understand how a person can have such hatred for another human based on their skin color. I felt helpless and still do.

Please, if you witness something similar, say something. Do something. Unless a situation appears dangerous, don’t just stand there and videotape with your phone. Make sure justice prevails for those who are innocent.


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