The Magic of Christkindlmarket


Christkindlmarket is a holiday tradition that makes me giddy while temporarily embracing winter. Mind you, winter is my least favorite season - always has been and always will be; however, there is something magical about Christkindlmarket.


I don’t even mind the overbearing crowds while excitedly trying to order a Gluhwein in the latest collectible mug. I also can't end the season without some German Schwarzbier, which is best to drink in the heated beer tent if you are lucky enough to score a spot at one of the communal tables.


My adoration for Christkindlmarket is due to a multitude of things including the lights, beverages, food, happy faces, and festive decorations. You might even be fortunate enough to see a live music act by this talented guy playing his heart out - Brian Doroba.




Is the Christkindlmarket an annual tradition for you? If so, what draws you in?

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