Beer and Tunes at Millenium Park


Who doesn't love sitting under the stars at the magnificent Jay Pritzker Pavilion with live music entertaining your eyes and ears? I make every effort to attend each and every one of the live music series at Millenium Park because they are so enjoyable. I sign up for their events on Facebook


  • Free admission
  • You can bring in your own food and alcohol
  • Gorgeous setting
  • Outstanding acoustics
  • World class musicians

Cons - There. Aren't. Any.

I'm going to focus on the performance I attended July 26th. I'm especially fond of this show because I have been a fan of one of the featured artists for many years - Funkadesi. The members are multitalented and always get the audience moovin' and groovin'. You will leave feeling as though you have gained 10 new friends after seeing them perform. In addition, the Kingston All Stars, an exceptional reggae band, performed with them.


You can purchase Goose Island beer (312, 312 Dry Hopped, or IPA) and wine at the venue. Even better, when you are on a tight budget, you can BYOB. I chose the latter, picking up a salad and Breckinridge Vanilla Porters from Whole Foods.



There are only two shows left for the 2018 season (insert sad face), so if you haven't been, now is your chance.

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