Where to Drink in Queens and Brooklyn

I have been to Manhattan more times than I can remember; therefore, it was time to explore other areas. I chose to make some craft beer memories in Queens and Brooklyn. I stayed in Queens so let's start with that. I enjoyed this place so much I visited it twice in two days. The Baroness bar + kitchen is the type of place you go for the burgers and stay for the beer. As you can see, they cleverly house their menus inside album jackets.


I thoroughly enjoyed every drop of an Oatmeal Stout by Keg and Lantern Brewing, as well as a Critical Thinking by Stillwater Artisanal. While I wasn't terribly hungry, I couldn't resist trying one of their burgers. I chose the signature "Dixie" burger with a veggie patty and it was so appetizing.  http://thebaronessbar.com/



Moving on to Brooklyn, I had one of the most interesting beers to date at Mugs Alehouse. This foreign beer, a B3 Belgian Stout by Transmitter Brewing, left me with a taste I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was really good and I feel lucky to have had the chance to drink it. Mugs is a laid-back neighborhood pub with 32 drafts on tap.  http://www.mugsalehouse.com/


Lastly, I signed up for a small batch tour at Brooklyn Brewery. They were undergoing renovations and I was happy to hear they were still doing the tours.


They had me at hello by handing over a full can of Brooklyn Lager when I checked in. While drinking this mouthwatering beverage, there was plenty to feast my eyes upon. The tour began on schedule with another beer to consume while donning a pair of fancy specs necessary to enter the brewhouse. Our tour guides were personable, humorous, and informative while giving the group a brief rundown of how beer is made and packaged.


After getting a taste of the operations, it was time for additional imbibing in the tasting room. My tongue wouldn't stop wagging while sipping the unique and zingy Sorachi Ace Saison. After finishing the Saison, each one of us poured our fourth and final beer with some guidance while appreciating more than just the flavor.


This brewery tour was a blast and I can't wait to return to spend some time in the newly renovated digs. The $18 tour price can't be beaten with the inclusion of four beers and the souvenir glassware seen in the photo (it's a beaut). Until we meet again.


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