Rare Beer Find at Monk's Pub


Walking into Monk's Pub might make you feel as though you have traveled across the pond. Everything about this venue reminds me of some of the places I visited in Europe. Despite the fact that TVs are in place, you won't even know what's playing because there is so much to look at. I was particularly fascinated by all the light fixtures (I have a thing for chandeliers).


Monk's was still hopping from the lunch rush; however, I had no trouble snagging a bar stool. The bartender was attentive and patient, as I had a tough time deciding what to order from their extensive beer collection. Expect roughly 180-200 beers to select from including 16 drafts. I can't imagine anyone could walk in here and not find something to their liking.

I ultimately chose a rare Brazilian beer I suspected I wouldn't see again - Belo Petroleum. This is a Russian Imperial Stout from Cervejaria Wals Brewery that pours like crude oil. It's likely the most complex beer I have ever had, yet it went down smooth and was palatable. At 11% ABV, I ordered some fries and restrained myself from getting a second beer.



Fun facts: The pub owner was so impressed by his stay at a monastery as a child he decided if he ever owned a public house he would name it Monk's. Also, Monk's is part of a number of accolades including Chicago's Best Belgian Beer Bars by Culture Trip, Best Downtown Bars and Nightlife in the Loop by Timeout Chicago, Quirkiest Bar in the Loop by Chicago Magazine, and Best of Lake Street by Chicago's Best.

I hear the pub has a fantastic vegan burger, which I look forward to pairing with a Belgian beer on my next visit.




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