Cop a Squat at Haymarket Pub & Brewery


Haymarket Pub & Brewery is an energetic, fetching venue that will leave you wanting to return again and again. The West Loop pub has room to move and provides excellent service. They offer a killer food menu (I especially like the Margherita Pizza, Vegan Burger, and Sweet Potato Tots).


More importantly, Haymarket offers 23 tantalizing draft choices with a range of styles that will make every beer lover drool. I admire the fact that you can order each beer in four different sizes. During this visit, I had the pleasure of quaffing the 4-oz version of The Defender American Stout, Clare's Right Hook, Lucy's Tripel, Coffee Brown Ale, and The Beer That Grabs Back Belgian Strong. After consumption, I greedily ate some tots.



Haymarket presents a Thursday Americana Music Series in their drinking and writing theater. The theater was previously being used by a local theatre group; however, the focus is now on live music. These fun-filled Americana shows begin at 7:30 pm and are free, so kick back with a few cold ones.

Interesting facts:  Haymarket's brewmaster, Pete Crowley, has won over 75 brewing awards. Pete created the Festival of Wood and Barrel Aged Beers, which was the country's first and is in its 15th year. Also, the brewery name hails from their location - Haymarket Square, which was the site of the world famous Haymarket Affair of 1886.


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