Be Part of the Experiment at Mousetrap

Off Color Brewing's taproom, Mousetrap, is dressed to impress. I was in awe from the moment I walked through the door. This relatively new space in Lincoln Park is artsy, spotless, and fetching. The bartender, PK, was extremely amiable and let me take my time deciding on which of the many drafts would wet my whistle. Mousetrap also offers a full bar and likes to create fancy cocktails.

Beware, as the walls are watching... I don't think anything you do would surprise them though:) I admire the quirky taste in decor and encourage you to feast your eyes on your surroundings (I won't spoil all the fun).



I chose a table under these unique faces for some inspiration. Spending time in this taproom makes me want to create even though I have no artistic ability. I even got off on the adorable menu, which is a work of art in itself.


This brewery likes to experiment, which is one of the things I applaud them for. I chose to start with a Growl (from the specialty menu), which is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale at 9.5%. This beer's secret ingredient is Dark Candi Syrup and it's yummy.


I'm so glad I follow their Facebook page because I saw an exclusive draft posting I knew was a must. This beauty is their second in the draft only "Other Beers" series. Three Blind Spice is a Thai-influenced Tripel using lemongrass, galangal root, and kaffir leaf giving the brew a bit of a kick. It was unusual and I enjoyed every drop.


Currently, there is no food available; however, you can bring in your own. I stopped at Whole Foods to get some nourishment after imbibing, which is a two-minute walk from the taproom.

Fun fact:  They have a  phone to order directly from Pizzeria Bebu.

I recommend checking out their social media channels, as the staff has talent in the humor department as well. I love everything about this place and would like to request that a cot is made available for overnight stays. There's an idea for you guys - adult sleepovers!

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