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Why Tinder scares the living crap out of me

Why Tinder scares the living crap out of me
Let me get this straight: Tinder is like a dating gong show, where profile pictures are the acts, and someone’s greasy-ass thumb is the gong? And in this smart phone gong show, the fate of my date-worthiness is decided in a single glance? Oh Hell No, Tinder. I am not sure whether my Tinder-Horror says... Read more »

Does this post make me look like Susan Boyle?

Dammit!  I just get finished announcing to the world through ChicagoNow: “Hey, errrbody! I’m single! Woo hooooo! Look at me dressed in fishnets, standing next to an orange truck on Milwaukee Avenue, pointing to the Chicago sky! I don’t need No One!!!  Yeeee hawwwww! I’m completely impervious to the consciousness of togetherness! Rock and Roll!... Read more »

Old Single Mom? What the hell is that? (part 1)

Greetings, Chicago Now, from Old Single Mom!  Stand back, let me get a look at you. Wow! You look sooooo good. You. Are. Shmokinnnnn’….. I know your town pretty well, having landed here eighteen years ago. (Although in an ironic twist, I got turned around going to Target on Elston, today.) I have lived in Uptown,... Read more »