This ain't your Mommy's Mommy Blog.  Old Single Mom  is not about the face-punchingly funny things those wacky kids say (although those will certainly be in here.) This is not about how frazzled I can get while juggling everything, and dropping half. (although that will be in here, too)

This is about being an Old. Single. Mom. In that order.

This is about what it is like to be a 40-ish woman, and have good, good friends who don't know who Duran Duran is, even AFTER I sing "Rio" to them. (!!) This is about asking a 21 year old where she got her jeans, and then going and buying them.  This is about becoming that woman in the front row/center of the  twilight matinee, with her boots on the middle rail, and her big, down comforter of a coat  taking up the whole seat next to her.   This is about being  Facebook friends with both of the famous Justins. And Miley Cyrus. (Yes it IS really them, though I can admit that Charlize TheronE is probably a fake.)  It is about playing "chicken" with the increasingly slippery glaze on my bathtub floor 'cause it just ain't a priority, man.

It's about being at peace with the idea that my 5 year old son, G, might be the last roommate I ever have. But it is also about keeping my heart open, just  in case that is not what is supposed to happen...