Four things that would have changed the course of history if they had been called something else

Four things that would have changed the course of history if they had been called something else

There is power in words.

But there is incredible power in the right words. Just think how different our world would be if we had been more careful with the words we assigned to the following issues:

THE WORDS WE USE: “meddle” - The Russians “meddled’ in our election.

BETTER WORDS: "attacked" - The Russians "attacked" our democracy.

I want to throw things at the wall every time I hear a pundit talk about Russian meddling. Meddling is something an overbearing mother-in-law does in her favorite son’s marriage. Meddling is something the Mystery Inc. gang does to the villain in Scooby Doo cartoons.

Russia undermined the very tenet that distinguishes a democracy from an autocracy. Russia didn’t meddle - it attacked America via the presidential election.


THE WORDS WE USE: "Politically Correct"

BETTER WORDS: "Please stop being a dick."

People bemoan the PC culture every time:

  • Someone makes a joke or a passive-aggressive comment that offends someone of a particular race/gender/orientation/religion.
  • Someone makes an observation that is demonstratively racist.
  • Someone uses an unflattering stereotype to shame or diminish another human being.

When people are called out for this behavior, the offender often rolls their eyes and bemoans how they are so inconvenienced by their lack of freedom to be lazy and disrespectful about how they speak to/about others. *eye roll*

It’s not about censorship. It’s about common decency. 

Being asked not to say things that are historically cruel, uninformed, or straight up mean is not oppression. It's not even a 2nd amendment issue. It’s a long-overdue reckoning. (Maybe the reason they are "too sensitive" is the cumulative effect of people like you?)

It’s not political, it’s just good old-fashioned manners. So please stop being a dick.


THE WORDS WE USE: "Illegal Immigrants/Illegal Aliens"

BETTER WORDS: "Asylum Seekers"

Asylum: shelter or protection from danger

Seek: to go in search of: look for

So many of the desperate people currently suffering state-sanctioned kidnapping at our border are escaping a life of terror that would drive any decent human being to flee with their children.

We call them aliens because they are not American. We call them immigrants because their skin is brown. 

Asylum Seekers are courageous parents who make treacherous journeys to protect their children from rape, murder, and the constant threat of drug lords. It’s a pilgrimage so dangerous that many perish before they even make it to the border.

Asylum Seekers ask America to help them avoid an inevitable death sentence. 

But ‘illegal immigrants?’ Well, they deserve what’s coming to 'em, right?


THE WORDS WE USE: "Participation Trophies"

BETTER WORDS: "Sportsmanship trophies"

Look. It’s well documented that I think people have demonized participation trophies to comical proportions. It’s a $3 piece of plastic that doesn’t fool any child with half a brain into thinking they are a champion. Who gives a crap.

Why o why didn’t we call them Sportsmanship trophies instead? Maybe then they wouldn’t have become the symbol of the Great Decline of Masculinity in America.

Coincidentally, I got my own Sportsmanship medals the other day. One was for kickball.


The other for volleyball.


Both sports were played in the pouring rain on a muddy AF grassy field. I had t-shirts made for a team I hand-picked, and we got our asses handed to us. In both sports. And now I have these silly plastic medals with the cheesiest clip art ever, and I love them.

And we didn’t get them for 'participating.' Nah. We got them for braving the downpour, committing to each other, and never admitting defeat. Not even when we lost. We got those things because we were a good freaking team, score be damned!

Those silly things represent to me exactly what my son told me his recent AYSO Sportsmanship trophy represented to him: a wicked fun experience with good friends.

(Okay. That one wouldn't have changed history. It would have just made the world a little less petty.)


That's my piece, and that's my peace. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my silly words. It truly means the world to me. Carry on...


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