My favorite tree in Chicago has offered its services to #TheResistance

My favorite tree in Chicago has offered its services to #TheResistance
Rockwell in a more colorful time

It's not getting any easier.

It might be getting even harder now that we fully understand that the lines in the sand have been washed away: all pretense of decency and integrity has been dragged off the shore by the sharks.

I know.

My favorite tree ("Rockwell") senses our despair, and wants to help out #TheResistance.

He knows that seasons come and go, and his leaves always grow back. It’s just that in some years, winter is a bigger bitch than others and we still have to wear a fucking blanket at Wrigley Field in June.

But spring always shows up.

Rockwell wants you to pace yourself, because this is some really serious shit.

It should be uncomfortable for them. It should piss them off. That’s the whole point.

Because while playing by the rules didn’t always work perfectly in the best of times, we still need those rules. And right now they are trying to rewrite them.

Those rules were created to protect freedom, not destroy it. Clearly. For as the rules disappear, more freedoms are being threatened.

So pace yourselves. Here’s how Rockwell can help.

1.Breathe In.



2. Hold:



3. Breathe Out


4. Repeat until calm.

5. Take some action.

6. Be prepared to bring your blanket to Wrigley Field in June.


That's my piece, and that's my peace. Thank you for taking the time to read my silly words. It truly means the world to me. Carry on...


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