Does your neighborhood have a "Boo Radley House?" Mine does.

Does your neighborhood have a "Boo Radley House?" Mine does.

Every neighborhood has a "Boo Radley House"…that one rickety house at the end of the block that demands urban rumors be told in its honor.

Perhaps at the Glenview Boo Radley House, a woman is rumored to be living in the attic. But no one has seen her since that one Halloween - also the anniversary of her husband’s gruesome, unsolved murder! (Someone’s big brother swears he saw her shadow in the window upstairs laughing wildly while holding a severed head!)

And maybe the Boo Radley House in LaGrange has scary noises coming from the basement on the full moon shut up yes it does because you’ve heard it with your own ears.

I can only speak for my own neighborhood Boo Radley House.

I first noticed it when I was looking for a place to let Muchkin the Rescue dog run off the leash. The back yard was wildly overgrown from broken fence to broken fence, from back porch to the alley - the perfect place to throw a severed limb. And that creaky windmill wasn’t making friends with birds OR neighbors.

The house smelled like death.

Okay, that’s a total exaggeration. Sorry about that.

But you guys, it really was kind of stinky. There was a "faint whiff from the outside but you’d probably barf a little bit if you opened the fridge in the kitchen” kind of smell.

On some nights, if you stood at just the right angle, you could spy a single lamp turned on in the living room.

There was someone in there!

But who?

Was it an old lady who had lived there with her husband for years and now that he was gone she was too old and too poor to do anything about the condition of the house? Was she rocking in a rocking chair all day? Humming?

Was her husband's body even gone?

Was it safe in there?

Did the neighbors ever see her? Did her kids ever come to visit her?

Was the city of Chicago looking at the legality of her situation?


One night the front door was OPEN. *special effect shriek* There was only a dirty green screen between me and my Boo. I considered approaching to see if the woman needed help. I mean, what if she had fallen and couldn’t get up?

I was a little obsessed. I would take snapshots of the house and walk away quickly, straining in my peripheral to see if there was a woman in a high lace collar looking out at me from the upstairs window. (There never was)

And then one day….something happened that put my Boo Radley house in peril...



That's my piece, and that's my peace. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my silly words. It truly means the world to me. Carry on...


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