The occupation in Ferguson is despicable, but I still believe in America

The occupation in Ferguson is despicable, but I still believe in America

What is going on in Ferguson is despicable. It is multi-layered. It is historical. It was an inevitability whose time has come.

I believe that there are probably many more Fergusons in America: powderkegs of social unrest waiting for the spark of injustice which will, in turn, light the fuse of awareness.

In a country so vast and imperfect as ours, there are bound to be pockets of wretchedness that erupt. I know I have my own pockets of hideous humanity lurking in my soul. As within, so without.

But to stretch Ferguson across the country and label it the “New Reality” feels reactionary, dangerous, and untrue.  In doing so, we neuter the hundreds of thousands of decent, hard working police forces doing honorable things for their communities.  We vanquish the astounding wave of youth across this country breaking race and gender barriers in their schools, defying long-standing traditions of narrow-mindedness, and reigniting the principal of “inalienable rights."

I believe we could see this as The Beginning of the End of the Old Reality. In fact, I believe we must insist upon it.

I believe that this is a time of awakening for our country. From what I know about awakenings in my own life, they are fraught with great pain and collapse. I also know that the darker the dark, the lighter the light at the end of the tunnel.

In Ferguson, I recognize the unmistakable consequences of racist housing policies inflicted upon the black community by governments, from the local to the federal level.

I carry the shame of a despicable white legacy. I struggle with how to teach my son that which I observe from my vantage point of privilege. As a white woman, I can express only sympathy, never empathy, for what is going down in Missouri.

But I still believe in America.

So while I am concerned, and heartbroken, and furious about the overreach of the police, I refuse to be fear-mongered into believing that there is a vast conspiracy by THEM to place a boot on our collective necks. That the American people are a gaggle of gullible sheep: chumps.

This military occupation of Ferguson meant to stem the tension from decades of oppression is more of that worn-out, tired-ass ideology in which brute force is the answer to everything. It is the dying, chest-beating paradigm of the alpha caveman, the playground man-boy: the King of the hill who maintains an illusion of power via reduction and negation and humiliation. For such a King, the hill can’t be shared. King Me Me Me is threatened by new ideas. Opposition is immediately banished for its betrayal of the status quo.

I see Ferguson as the monster screaming and dying as it comes into the light.

I have more faith in America than what we are witnessing through the arch. I have faith in America’s collective sense of righteousness. As divided as we are on so many issues, I believe we all recognize depravity when we see it.

Social media is saturated with a unified message:  “No To This.”

But I believe strongly that we remain stagnant when we try to dissect the treachery into its parts, determined to pin the blame to the proper wall. It’s impossible. It is like trying to trace the origins of a cancer. It's like trying to identify the first raindrop of a deluge.

We can’t go back and fix things at their genesis. Let’s look at what is broken, and be fearless in our demand for a return to liberty and justice for all.

And I believe our world is poised to help us do just that, perhaps more than ever before in our history.

I believe the Universe always leans into the very things we want.

And then there was fire.

And then there was electricity.

And then there was the internet.

And then, and then, and then…

The miracles have come when we have most needed them.

I believe that the advancements of technology have greatly reduced those warm, wet, pitch black corners where corruption festers.  Cameras on cell phones alone have already pulled back the cloaks of invisibility to so many scenes where, before, the burden of proof would have been on the victims of the unwitnessed.

I believe that the trend towards omnipotence in our technology only reflects the truth of our unity; our interrelatedness and our connection. As within, so without.

I believe that temperance and humanity will ultimately triumph over hate and fear in America. Maybe not in my lifetime, but it will happen.

I believe.


That is my piece, and that is my peace.

Thank you for taking the time to read my silly words. It means the world. Carry on…

Old Single Mom


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