Calling all word nerds! Here is a clean, super fun word game to play at work

Calling all word nerds! Here is a clean, super fun word game to play at work

Here's a super fun word game to play at work. It’s easy to learn, and absolutely anyone can play.

It’s called, Hey, are you going to Walgreens?

1. Ask someone: “Hey, are you going to Walgreens?

2. Pause momentarily for the implied ‘yes’

3. Ask, “Can you grab me a ________ and a _________ ?

That's it! The object of the game is to pick two things that cause a visceral reaction in someone. It might sound something like this:

Hey, are you going to Walgreens? Can you grab me:

...a packet of Lik 'M Aid and some apricot scrub?

...a pocket knife and a jar of Miracle Whip?

...some cassette tapes and a bottle of Nare?

...white shoelaces and a black light?

...a roll of 35 mm film and a pregnancy test?

...a can of Welch’s Grape soda and 2 orange posterboards? ace bandage and some crescent rolls?

The challenge/fun lies in the word choices. Making the combo interesting/funny/gross is the object of the game. Here are some tips on how to make that happen:

  • The strangeness could be in how odd it is that these are the two things that are at the top of your immediate hierarchy of needs.

 ….barrettes and a funnel?

….a pot holder and a sympathy card?

….a dashboard compass and some pickles?

  • They might simply have a pleasant cadence:

….strawberry jam and a 7-day pill case?

…..a knock-off Barbie and a can of cashews?

There can be an implied relationship between the words that is humorous:

…a can of Alpo and some plastic spoons?

  • And then there are just those words that sound funny, both alone and next to each other:

… a can of Skoal and a balloon on a stick?

… a small ham and a sundress?

… a smelly candle and a hoodie?


  • Both words should be standard Walgreens inventory items. Seasonal stuff is allowed only during that season. And again, it needs to be standard Walgreens stock. It is not as effective if the item is a crapshoot.
  • That said, there are always ways to bend rules. You could legitimize the request by including a caveat. As with any writing, details are king:

….and a Justin Beiber toothbrush, if it’s still there.

…and a four pack of boiled eggs, if you are going to the fancy Walgreens in Wicker Park.

  • Personal hygiene products, paired with a foodstuff, produce some natural friction in the sensory parts of your brains.

….some hard shelled tacos and some Boost?

…. ‘Always’ pads with wings, and a Slim Jim?

…..a Hot Pocket and some Thicket?  (note: A person can only use “Hot Pockets” in the game once in their lifetime.)

  • Sexual items are effective, but should be used sparingly.

 …..a Charleston Chew and some Vagisil?

….a pack of Rams and a Zagnut?

Have fun with it! Once this game is established, it can be played at any time of the day. It can be announced as you walk by a co-worker’s cubicle. It is always a pleasant surprise to get the list through the odd text or email: the Walgreens version of being “Rick Rolled."

And once you have played the game with friends, and have run it into the dirt, it can always be revived at a later date. For example: I woke up to this text from a friend the other day, months after our last round: Hey. If you happen go to Walgreens, today, can you grab me some Jolly Ranchers and a bath mat?

So that’s it. Have fun! Spread it around like Miracle Whip on the inside of a grilled cheese sandwich. (What? You don't?)  The more the merrier. I will leave you with more examples to spark your mind:

...a Travel Yatzee and a Trapper Keeper?

...a 9 volt battery and some rolled oats? avocado and some sunglasses?

...three cans of Fancy Feast and a birthday card?

...Neosporin and some penny wraps?

...hairspray and a beach ball?

....A Bottle of Blue Nun and a 2015 Kitty calendar?

...a gallon of 2% and some grass seed?

...a crimping iron and a postcard?

...a garden hose nozzle a 100 piece puppy puzzle?


That's my piece, and that's my peace. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my silly words. It means the world. Carry on...

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