Hey, Lego, you're right! Everything IS awesome!

Hey, Lego, you're right! Everything IS awesome!

OH my GOD I’m so happy to be alive in 2014!! Life is awesome, these days.

I’m going to hang out today with a friend who lives across the country, and I can do so because she flew here IN AN AIRPLANE. IN THE AIR.

I get to go meet my California friend in downtown Chicago by riding a TRAIN that comes around every five minutes. I don’t have to get there riding behind a horse’s ass for half a day.

Viva Penicillin!

There is a box on my phone, on my desktop, on my ipad, where I can type in ANY QUESTION I HAVE ABOUT ANYTHING, and there will be an answer.  I have a genie in the bottle….in. my. palm.

I got to be around for Michael Jackson’s career.  And now, any time I want to, I can pull up any of his songs. Or any other artist in the history of recorded music. What? Oh, and there are people whose job it is to find innovative ways to throw new music at my ears.

No small pox! Woot!

It's cool to paint your face: to "make up" a new, improved you.

In 2014, if something happens to my leg, it doesn’t get sawed off with a saw while I'm awake.

I love jeans. And in 2014, they are hawt. No more stone wash. Not even if/when it comes back.

Birth control! High Five!

If I want to talk to someone across the city/country/world, face to face….I can do that. For free. Even on my phone, thankyouverymuch.

I can worship the sun: my skin an altar, my SPF, a prayer. I can sing hymns with a congregation. I can speak gibberish and french kiss snakes. In a little shop that makes perfect naan, I can drop to my knees in praise of Allah at certain times, every, every day.  I can storify with sloppy drunks in musty church basements. I am free to light nag champa and have a sacred threesome in my living room. I can dabble in Buddhism. I can commit. I can back out. I can dance naked in the moonlight if I plan things right. I can rescind my right to modernity if I choose. I can, I can, I can….


<<<<<As a woman, I don’t have to live with this bullcrap anymore.

In 2014, I can walk out of my house wearing a tank top, a belly ring, and an attitude. I can willingly accept the natural consequences and perks of that choice, none of which include jail, stoning, or abandonment.

I have free books around the corner. A million of them. Awesome!

Don’t even get me STARTED on how awesome electricity is. As a card-carrying Hater of Fire, this point is my everything.

Oh, hey, I took a shower, today. Might even take another one later. Won’t run out of water, either. And that water will be piping hot. And not from a stream.

The Universe knew what It was doing when it placed me in this particular Now. If I had lived in a little house on a prairie, I would have been a raging brat when all I got for Christmas was an apple, a walnut, and a doll made of straw. Believe you me.

I'll take 2014.  If played right, life is awesome.

***Well, that's my piece, and that's my peace. Thank you for taking the time to read my silly words. It means the world. Carry on...

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