Inside the mind of a new blogger when the first post blows up

Saturday, March 22, 2014: 10:00 PM

Whoa. My son just had an extremely emotional reaction to something. He lost his mind when  that thing happened. Wow.

It was sure hard to see my son go through that. It was such a pure, visceral reaction. Raw.

Come to think of it, that moment was pretty weird for me too. But in a different way. Kind of the same, kind of different.

Hey! I know! I’m a writer. I write stuff. I’ve got a blog. I think I’ll write about it.


Saturday, March 23: 2:27 AM

**yawn**   This won’t take long.  Heh heh...famous last words.  It’s so late. Almost finished. Aaaaaand…publish. G’Night.


Sunday, March 23, 9:12 AM

Good morning, son. How ya doin’ this morning, big guy? You seem good. Not still thinking about what happened last night, I hope? A little? That's okay. Want some pancakes?

Okay, but let me just check Google Analytics, first, because I have to before I can do anything else because I have a little social media addiction. Here’s some milk to tide you over.

Well lookie there. Forty people are reading my post. Right now. All at once. That’s more than usual.

What did I even write last night? I kind of forgot. Oh right. That post about my kid’s reaction to that thing.

What did I say about it, again?

Whoa. Where’s Ljubijana?  Man, we live in an amazing age.


March 23, 10;57 AM

Holy crap. Could this be the day a post goes viral? I mean, I know it’s not about that. I know. But it is kind of the Holy Grail, right? That whole idea of being the thing people are talking about.

Not that that’s why I’m doing this.

But still….


March 23, 11:30AM

Yeesh. This thing is showing no signs of slowing down.

I feel a little queasy.

It’s probably time to think about whether I want to read the readers’ comments.  Everyone always talks about how nasty it can get. I’m not sure I can handle too much horribleness.

Maybe I’ll just peek at HEY!!…did that guy really just ask if I have my head up my ass?

Yeah see no. No. Step away, JA. It’s best not to comment. I’m not here to change anyone’s mind. I’m really not.

Except for this guy. Head up my ass…I’ll show YOU head up my ass. Ass.

Damn. I have to go to work. Let me just..I'll just…let me just fix him up real good. Let me just type out this exceptional response to the guy who calls himself a "gangsta" on his Facebook page. There. That should do it. He’ll rue the day he ever tried to Head Up Your Ass THIS girl.

Oh crap. Wish I hadn’t seen that other guy’s comment. Gotta go to work.


March 23, 12:15 PM

Did that guy really say that my son is going to abuse women when he grows up? What the ….

Just pull the car over, JA. Pull it over. Calm down. Listen to me. Shhhhh…. Your son is not going to grow up and beat women. That’s the dumbest thing ever said. But more importantly,  and I need you to hear this, it doesn’t matter that that guy thinks that.

Now put the crazy pants down. We need to find something else to wear, today.  No crazy pants.


This is the deal, JA. You knew this was coming. You knew that some people weren’t going to like you, didn’t you?

It’s okay. Come on, honey. Take a drink of Diet Mountain Dew.

You knew that people were not all going to like you.  That has to be okay. You are going to have to be okay with that.

Answer this: Do you still believe in what you wrote? You do, right? Okay then. Put the car in drive.


March 23, 1:27 PM

What would Bukowski do?


 March 23, 2:13 PM (The Mind  Splits in Two)

Why are these people saying that? Didn’t they read the part where I talked about that?? I already said that.

I’m beginning to think they didn’t get your point.

Well whose fault is that?? You wrote it. Apparently you didn’t write it right.

YOU didn’t write it right!!

Pull it together! Everyone stop fighting so I can give the nice lady in Taco Bell our order!!! And also do we want medium or hot sauce today?


 March 23, 3:36

This thing is not stopping. That's a lot of people. It's like every single person in a small town has read it. Short of pulling it off the internet, I have lost control. It has a life of its own. It’s like a little virtual college kid. I’ve sent it out into the world, and it’s no longer my own. I have to trust that I’ve given it the tools to take care of itself.


March 23, 8:10 PM

Why this post? Why not one where I wrote my guts out.


March 23, 10:58 PM

It tripled. The number tripled. It tripled in five hours. I can’t even….

Let’s put this into perspective. Yes, that number is a lot. But  there’s probably a Buzzfeed article about farts that got six times the number of hits my post did. In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing.


March 24, 3:28 AM

None of this matters and I’m going to die alone.


 March 24, 6:00 AM

Meh. I still dig what I wrote. “Next.”


That's my piece, and that's my peace. Thanks for taking the time to read my silly words. It means the world. Carry on....

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