Can we all just stop telling each other who to be?

Can we all just stop telling each other who to be?

Can we all just stop telling each other who to be?

I’ve had about enough of the world-at-large telling me: Who to be.  What not to say.  How to say what TO say instead of what I’m not supposed to say.  (And can you even buh-LIEVE I still say “totes?")

How about this.  How about we just refrain from harming others, and work super hard on those broken pieces inside of ourselves. Let’s stop trying to arrange the million moving pieces of the world into an order that pleases us. It will NEVER work.

If you need gay people to disappear from the planet before you can be comfortable in your own skin, get ready for a lifetime of abrasions and bed sores, because it will never happen.  The Universe extends into infinity. Infinity!  Why would a Creative Intelligence capable of manifesting an INFINITE UNIVERSE decide to be so stingy and finite in its expressions of Love? You know what doesn’t judge? Infinity. That’s what.

If the entire country needs to repent for you to rest easy at night, better find another milk crate. Because that one you are standing on to yell at people is going to give out under your feet before you accomplish your mission. It ain’t gonna happen, man.  Thousands of years ago, those fools believed in multiple gods who lived in castles in the clouds. And in a thousand more years, we will be the fools.  Why not try being at peace with the world "as is." It’s all good… and just so darned beautiful.

And for our shortsighted sisters and brothers in Arizona: No one is responsible for your happiness. That’s your responsibility, and it’s an inside job. Asking the world to rearrange itself so you can be more comfortable is about the most self-centered demand I’ve ever heard.

(And if you believe in God, and believe that someone out there needs fixin, don’t you think God is better equipped than you to orchestrate the fixin’? Trust your God to do His job, and you just do your job, which is to become the person you most want to be in the world. Go to it!)

How about this: If I am living my life in a way that harms no one, the effect of your opinion about my life stops at your front door.  Deal?

(Did anyone notice that this whole post does what I said I didn’t want anyone to do to me? Here I am telling people what not to say. Ha! Can’t win..)

That's my piece, and that's my peace. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my words. It means the world. Carry on...

Old Single Mom

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