Day 1: Super Prune! (Written by: me in third grade. Illustrated by: my now 5 year old son)

Welcome to Day One of the "Seven Day Series without a Catchy Name!"

I recently found my very first writings from third grade. They were from a box of writing prompts called "Write On!"  I will be posting one a day for the next seven days..

My five-year-old son, "G," did the illustrations.  I put all of his markers/paint/crayons in front of him, then read the stories to him.  As much as I wanted to "make suggestions" ("Don't you want to use more colors?"/"Are those enough pictures?"/"Will you just do it my way?!"), I just let the boy draw.

And here is what happened with "Super Prune!"  I hope you enjoy it, and will come back again, tomorrow, for "Tin Can Alley", a feel good story about a trash can behind a bakery...


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